Gerardo Kanahuati
Managing Director
Anna Czarnocka
Anna Czarnocka
Team Lead in Engineering and Manufacturing
View from the Top

Deep Knowledge Across Industries a Differentiator

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 14:02

Q: What is Hays’ value proposition to propel it above other recruitment companies?

GK: Companies want the best talent and Hays’ value proposition is to meet that need before anyone else. Our knowledge of the market and the intricacies of every industry makes Hays a strong consulting firm. We see our biggest competition in our clients’ human resources departments, so we aim for companies to see us as a strategic partner. We offer the same advantages to our candidates. Our goal is to present them with the best opportunities for their profile before anyone else. This involves technical skills and an understanding of where the person is in their career, their life plan and what a new opportunity could represent.

Q: How has the evolution of the talent market in Mexico impacted the needs of Hays’ clients?

GK: Talent is increasingly in demand by the automotive industry and its scarcity is becoming more evident. Mainly Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies need people specialized in quality operations, whose abilities are not always transferable to or from other industries. There are companies creating their own talent development strategies but a lack of specialized profiles is undeniable. This has led to a wage gap between what companies are willing to offer new hires and what people with the right skills consider fair compensation for their services. The result has been noticeable talent migration from one company to another.

AC: Mexican talent has become a commodity for our clients. For foreign investment companies, it is important to contract Mexican expertise and they are willing to invest in the necessary training to help people reach their potential. Hiring Mexican talent increases the company’s retention level and competitiveness, ensuring continuity in the clients’ operations and helping them understand how to do business in the country. Companies value loyalty in recruits and to retain staff long-term, many create development programs to show they offer professional growth opportunities.

Q: How does salary vary between middle and upper- management positions and how does that impact companies’ recruitment processes?

GK: There is a considerable difference between wages for middle and upper-management positions. For example, a specialized position can pay a yearly salary of between MX$350,000 (US$19,700) and MX$400,000 163 (US$22,500) while a top-level director or executive can earn approximately MX$1 million (US$56,200). Hays’ focus is on positions starting at yearly salaries of MX$650,000 (US$36,500), which is where talent scarcity is most noticeable.

AC: Companies are less interested in a candidate’s experience in the industry and more in the impact that candidate had in previous positions. This can imply higher salary demands but companies are willing to meet them and offer training to candidates that appear capable. Amid a common need to fill middle and upper-management positions, Hays has worked to ensure consistency in its clients’ organizational structures and a healthy transition in the case of any replacement. As recruiters, we try to bridge the gap between what companies are willing to offer and what the candidate expects in order to find the perfect match for both. This must go beyond an economic offering, particularly in middle and upper-management positions within the automotive industry.

Q: How has the recruitment process evolved to appeal to younger generations?

GK: Social media has become crucial in Hays’ recruitment process and we have moved from posting a new position toward making it attractive for the applicants. In the automotive industry, there is an added challenge caused by brand recognition. Most candidates recognize large companies and OEMs but not all the companies in the manufacturing chain. Therefore, we present the recruiting company and all the future development strategies related to a specific job offer.