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Despite Automation, Uniforms will Remain Essential: Lavartex

José Luis Jacques - Lavartex


Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 06/14/2022 - 10:00

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Q: What added value do Lavartex services offer clients and end consumers?

A: Lavartex is celebrating its 100th anniversary. We offer clients the accumulated expertise of a company with many years in the market that remains committed to providing innovative, world-class products. Lavartex covers all the textile needs that our clients might have, such as industrial uniforms for the automotive industry, towels for sports clubs or bedding for hotels and hospitals.

By managing these services, we allow clients to focus on their core business. We offer an industrial washing service that guarantees hygienic cleaning. We have a COVID-19 certification and we guarantee that the clothes we clean have passed through a rigorous process that kills SARS-CoV-2 and many other viruses.

All of our textile products are constantly replaced by new versions to maintain our quality levels. We also guarantee supply because we control our clients’ inventory. We have numerous international certifications, such as the ISO 9001 and the iSO 14001, and are strongly committed to the environment and society. Owing to this, our clients can be certain that they are working with a world-class provider.

Q: What has been the largest challenge Lavartex faced when aligning its operations to sustainable practices?

A: Many years ago, the company did not have sustainability at its core.When we decided to get ISO 9001 certification, we transformed our system into one that continuously improves, setting us on the path to obtaining other certifications.

Our company culture prioritizes commitment to environmental care. We are a company that uses high water volumes but this resource does not represent a high cost because we use technology to reduce water use and reuse it. We have treatment and water recuperation systems in all our plants. While a washing machine consumes around 25L of water per every kilogram of clothes, we only consume 4L per kilogram.

Q: How has your uniform leasing service grown in recent years and how has this market evolved?

A: This market segment did not exist before us; we created it. The segment has significant potential because Mexico is a country with a great number of opportunities. Our strategy is to introduce our services to new clients instead of poaching them from our competitors. The automotive industry is a good example. We recently started to lease industrial uniforms to this sector because we convinced automotive companies of the benefits of our services. We are building this potential market every day. 

Q: As industries become increasingly automated, how will this affect Lavartex’s relationships with manufacturing companies?

A: As industrial plants become more automated, they will require fewer workers but there will still be a need for uniforms, which are part of the image of a company. Uniforms say a lot about an organization and shape their image among customers.

Q: How has Lavartex incorporated automation and digitalization into its operations?

A: Our digitalization process started before the pandemic. But the way in which we communicate had to transform because it became harder to sell our products due to the lack of a physical relationship with customers. We continuously develop strategies to attract clients, such as our Kit Abrepuertas (Door-opener Kit), which opened the door to many opportunities.  

Also, all of our delivery and collection processes offer a complete digital experience to our clients. We are the only company in Mexico offering this service. Our plants are also adopting new technology for management and productivity.

Q: What are Lavartex’s goals for 2022?

A: 2022 has been a complex year. The omicron outbreak affected our business early in the year because many remained at home. We, like many other businesses, are in a recovery stage. Inflation has also complicated matters because we rely on the consumption of commodities, which have increased in price. This situation has led to higher internal costs, which cannot be passed on to the market.

By late 2022, we aim to reach our financial objectives. We are a dynamic company in constant growth. Despite everything, we continue to grow and we expect to put the pandemic and inflation behind us.


Lavartex, founded in 1922, is a leading provider of specialized textile rentals and washing solutions. It offers world-class integral services for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs and manufacturing facilities

Photo by:   MBN

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