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Diesel Availability, DiDi's IPO: The Week in Automotive

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 06/17/2021 - 17:33

"This is a very interesting moment for the automotive industry," says President and Director General of Nissan Mexicana and NIBU, José Román. Do not miss the first part of our interview with Mexico's top seller and second-largest producer. In other news, AMDA and ANPACT warned that the poor availability of ultra-low sulfur could hinder the development and operation of new vehicle technologies. In the heavy-vehicle realm, we also talked with Swedish braking innovator Haldex.

Pay close attention to DIDi's upcoming IPO. This week, the Chinese giant filed an F-1 form at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Do not miss the perspectives of leaders in the logistics and mobility sectors!

Ready? This is the week in automotive!

Nissan Eyes Another 60 Years in Mexico: President José Román

"We owe ourselves to the Mexican market and we want to be here for 60 more years and beyond. The market is halfway to recovery and it still has a great deal of potential," José Román, President and DG of Nissan Mexicana and NIBU, told MBN. Read the full interview.

Poor Ultra-Low Sulfur Availability A Risk for The Sector: AMDA

The availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel in Mexico is declining, indicates a recent AMDA study, putting at risk the heavy vehicle market that is expected to sell and produce only EPA 10 / EURO VI technologies in the country by January 2022.

Innovative Brakes a Key Element for Safer Mobility

Eugenio Bergeyre, Business Manager of Haldex Products de México, details the role innovative braking system play in safer mobility and how braking systems are adapting to the most recent industry trends. Do not miss out the opportunities to supply Haldex.

Despite Pandemic, Aftermarket Likely to See Long-Term Benefit

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) is the only national industry association in Canada that brings together the entire automotive aftermarket supply and service chain. Read our interview with its President, Jean-Francois Champagne, and learn more about the similarities between the Mexican and Canadian aftermarkets.

DiDi's IPO is Coming, F-1 Form Prospectus Available

DiDi Chuxing shared the prospectus of the upcoming IPO F-1 form, setting the stage for one of the most expected IPOs of the year. DiDi is present in 15 countries and has 493 million annual active users, 16 million annual active drivers and 41 million average daily transactions as of Mar. 31, 2021, according to the filings. The company's valuation remains unrevealed. While Financial Times estimated US$65 billion back in 2018, private parties gave Reuters a valuation closer to US$100 billion.

Predictability in Logistics is Maersk’s New Integrated Offering

Getulio Centanaro, Product Management Director for Mexico and Middle America at Maersk, highlights the logistics giant' role in creating a more integrated logistics offering. Do not miss his insights on the Suez Canal blockage.

Mobility and the End of the Pandemic Era

Co-founder of Urbvan Transit Joao Matos shared with MBN his perspective toward the future of mobility after the pandemic. "Here at Urbvan, we have come up with an intelligent design for a shared transportation network that aims to support this new reality in its different ways of getting around," he wrote.

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