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Digital Transformation Key to Success in Nearshoring: NC Tech

Mónica Maciel - NC Tech


Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 07/13/2023 - 09:34

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Q: How are your technology services for the automotive sector structured?
A: We are divided into three main pillars: digital transformation at plants, digital transformation in engineering and digital transformation in academia. Regarding digital transformation at the plant, we interconnect equipment with IoT systems to be able to monitor key information from each piece of equipment and receive insights to understand the behavior of operations and anticipate maintenance, operating efficiency and productivity trends. This allows key decisions to be made that enable optimization at low cost, which results in savings, profitability and increase competitiveness.
Digital transformation in engineering begins with design, simulation and manufacturing technologies, but we also manage it as an ecosystem that allows the company to have full control over everything that happens around an engineering and innovation project. In these projects, multidisciplinary teams converge, including manufacturing, maintenance, quality, purchasing and even marketing and sales. Visibility, control and traceability are important in projects that include so many areas. For these cases, we offer 3D Experience, a cloud platform that allows engineering projects to be developed collaboratively from anywhere in the world, with the certainty of having everything in the same collaborative environment.
Finally, regarding digital transformation in academia, we rely on a digital platform that we created called Xpertme, which offers full Industrial 4.0 and Digital Transformation training and certifications to accelerate the integration of students highly qualified into the Nearshoring professional opportunities. Also,  through experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, companies and academic institutions can train their staff in industrial operations. Xpertme offers the flexibility to generate so many learning experiences at an affordable cost allowing the company and the academy to train staff efficiently at the lowest cost with zero incidents risk. 

Q: How difficult is it for these solutions to be adopted in the automotive sector?
A: The automotive sector is used to introducing new technologies; the market itself demands constant innovation in processes. There is a need for constant training that also derives from staff turnover. Having people always prepared gives the company peace of mind and certainty regarding the continuity of operations. 

Q: What are the benefits of using your Digital Transformation services, in terms of incident reduction and increasing productivity?
A: In the case of Xpertme, virtual reality reduces accidents during training to zero with a knowledge retention rate of 85% versus traditional learning, since the person can practice the operation in a virtual reality environment as many times as necessary. This technology is not a 100% substitute for traditional physical learning because, in the end, activities need to be done physically. However, employees do not face these situations from the get-go, avoiding many risks. On the other hand, the 3DExperience collaborative platform on the cloud helps to make processes, operations and communication between areas more efficient, by at least 85%.
While IIoT, enables remote monitoring, connections and communication between industrial equipment and systems, giving visibility and control of the operations, allowing optimizing processes, reducing cost, improving efficiency in manufacturing, production, quality process and supply chain. This helps maintain consistency and quality in the products and services, even at a distance.

Q: How do you handle the shortage of qualified personnel in Mexico?
A: We collaborate with public and private institutions in Mexico and Central America to ensure that students graduate with the technological skills and abilities to contribute to the company's processes. We also train staff at companies to keep them technologically up-to-date. This training also ensures that the investment the company has made in these technologies is maximized for the benefit of the operation and the profitability of the company.

Q: What are the company's plans for the remainder of 2023?
A: We want to showcase the benefits that Xpertme can provide to the manufacturing and transformation sectors. With the nearshoring wave, for example, we have tools that can help companies to prepare their staff and become more competitive to take advantage of emerging opportunities and not be left out. We will continue to evolve our teachings and learning methods. There are companies that already know what they want to improve and look for us. For those who do not yet know what they need, it is our job to help them determine that and to let them know what we can do for them and what works best for them.

NC Tech is a digital engineering and automation integration company with operations in Mexico and Central America focused on impacting industrial development and innovation.

Photo by:   Mexico Business Publishing

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