Electric Power from a Rooftop

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 10:46


Electric vehicles are new to the Mexican market and their charging infrastructure is still under development. This has forced OEMs to develop their own technology and offer it directly to the consumer. BMW went one step further, implementing solar charging stations in line with its vision of sustainability, savings and energy independence. The company found a partner in solar compay Desmex, which creates solutions that include the evaluation of the required equipment, complete installation of high-quality solar panels and an efficient photovoltaic design for significant energy savings.

Desmex’s Rooftop solutions take advantage of Mexico’s prime geographical position for solar energy. They represent a profitable investment with at least 25 useful years and a warranty lasting 10 years. Following a regular high-consumption domestic rate established by Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the Basic Rooftop system breaks even in the sixth year and generates increasing savings from the seventh year. If the tariff is revised, these intervals could be reduced to three years of expenses with only savings after that.

Overall, the Rooftop system represents more than 2,500km/W and more than 20,000km of driving per year, eliminating approximately 48.6 tons of CO2 emissions. The energy produced by the solar panels and the inverter can be used for the vehicle, for general consumption or it can be transmitted to CFE’s network and lead to further savings.

The systems can be installed with translucid modules or architectonic integrated solutions. The client can also choose between basic and advanced solutions. The first solution features six Solarnova SOL 260GT solar panels and 1,560Wp of installed power, while the latter includes eight solar panels and 2,080Wp.