Electrification Advances, Challenges in the Supply Chain

By Mónica López | Mon, 04/05/2021 - 10:55

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OEMs are making electric vehicles a priority, while investments made 10 years ago are becoming a reality across Asian, European and North American brands. For these vehicles to further penetrate the Mexican market, not only charging infrastructure is very much needed but also the right government incentives to promote sustainable mobility, agreed industry leaders at Mexico Automotive Summit on Wednesday, Mar. 24 in a panel moderated by Zacua’s CEO Nazareth Black. Toyota, Giant Motors and Volkswagen shared their progress in electrification but also the challenges to overcome. Likewise, Rodrigo Centineo, Founding Partner at E-Drive, a Mexican company focused on the value chain of electric vehicle charging, mentioned the opportunities for both the private and public sector to capitalize in this shift.

Mónica López Mónica López Graphic Designer