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Electrification and Mobility Advances

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 10/22/2020 - 17:09

Electric vehicles continue to raise expectations while mobility players are taking a broad approach. JAC, the Chinese brand with Mexican manufacturing, introduced its Sunray commercial model. In the international arena, electric vehicle startups gain ground against Tesla, while GM announced investments that sum up US$4.5 billion for EV production in North America.

In this week's featured interviews, cluster leaders from Queretaro and Chihuahua detailed the priorities for their states. For Chihuahua, it seems that a greater footprint of EV auto part manufacturing is ramping up. Meanwhile, Queretaro is securing its place as a mindfacturing location. 

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Uber, Urbvan: Partners in Mobility
Urbvan just announced a partnership with Uber through which users of the ride-hailing app will be able to access routes offered by Urbvan. "Through technology, we are offering our users a transportation alternative with Urbvan’s high-capacity vehicles," said Miguel Rocha, Uber's COO in a statement.

GM Invests More Than US$4.5 Billion in EV Production

GM announced that it will invest US$2 billion in its Spring Hill, Tennessee plant to turn it into its third electric vehicle manufacturing facility. With this, GM adds an accumulated US$4.5 billion investment in electric vehicle production. “These investments underscore the success of our vehicles today and our vision of an all-electric future," said GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra in a statement.

JAC Bets on EVs in Mexico

After reaching a 30 percent market share in EVs in Mexico, JAC is now betting on green commercial vehicles that are manufactured in Hidalgo, Mexico. The Chinese brand with Mexican manufacturing footprint introduced its Sunray model, an electric van for tourism or last-mile deliveries. You can read our interview with Elias Massri, CEO of Giant Motors, the company that manufactures JAC's vehicles in the country.

Manufacturing Industry’s Jobs Down

The manufacturing sector in Mexico has been on a negative strike for more than 11 months in terms of jobs. As of August 2020, the sector has reduced the number of jobs by 149,386. 

Featured Interviews

Director General of the Queretaro Automotive Cluster, Daniel Hernández, explains the state's commitment to engineering operations and mindfacturing while recalling the lessons learned from the pandemic. 

On its behalf, Tarsicio Carreon, President of the Chihuahua Automotive Cluster, explains how manufacturing companies in the region are taking a strong approach toward EV auto part manufacturing. 

Do not miss our Expert Opinion with Guillermo Prieto, President of AMDA, who explains the differences between the different regions in the Mexican automotive market. 

Startups’ EV Race
Reuters recalls the EV race by taking a closer look at Nikola and Fisker, two companies backed by blank-check firms and, in the case of Fisker, moments away from its IPO.

Industry experts also agree that a Biden's presidency will mean tough emissions rules and policies which will favor electric vehicles.

Early 3Q20 Results

BMW and Tesla have disclosed early 3Q20 results. The German automaker reports results "above expectations," mostly led by a faster recovery in several markets. Meanwhile, Tesla reported its fifth quarterly profit in a row, reaching a record revenue of US$8.8 billion.

Alejandro Enríquez Alejandro Enríquez Journalist and Industry Analyst