Tue, 09/15/2015 - 13:51

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma strategies are now a standard for most automotive companies, with many OEMs requesting Tier 1 companies to work with this approach in order to become official suppliers. Getting to this stage requires a keen focus on cost reduction, waste management, and productivity, which can all be improved by implementing the most efficient control systems. Epicor’s Mattec Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform is the ideal option to achieve these goals, offering an unprecedented level of analysis within manufacturing processes.

In terms of planning and programming, Mattec MES allows managers to analyze production targets and chronological developments, updating them easily through a drag-and- drop interface according to real equipment productivity, environmental conditions, and product specifications. This helps to identify any problems with the machines, as well as any possible halts in production activity. Regarding production optimization, the software creates a way to organize similar components, as well as to manage equipment loads, inactivity periods, and timetable compliance. Mattec MES also helps companies with their energy management requirements, monitoring the consumption rates of each and every machine. The platform can capture and analyze energy performance indicators to reduce costs, while looking for ways to improve efficiency. The fourth aspect that Mattec MES impacts is maintenance managing, by analyzing each machine individually, the software can detect failures in tools and equipment, and it can plan maintenance procedures with the least effect in production capacity for the plant.

Mattec MES production control software collects data directly from the manufacturing equipment in real time, minimizing imprecisions and wasted time that stem from manual data collection. After gathering the information, the system analyzes the figures 24 hours a day, seven days a week, utilizing digital and analogic signals from sensors or PLCs, and connecting with Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, it is designed with an open architecture to allow connectivity between Epicor ERP and the plant’s interface.

From a workforce efficiency standpoint, Mattec MEC aids managers and operators plan their schedule according to the operative timetables of the equipment. It can also generate alerts for specific phases in the process, while generating a complete analysis of workforce productivity, waste generation, and every other manufacturing aspect within the plant. Finally, the system can influence production quality by tracking every process and component, resulting in an easy traceability process. Additionally, the platform works with statistical quality control and statistical process control, guaranteeing high levels of replicability and efficiency by approving or rejecting products automatically.