Evergo to Install 15,000 Charging Stations in Mexico
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Evergo to Install 15,000 Charging Stations in Mexico

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Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/24/2022 - 08:25

InterEnergy Group announced that its company Evergo plans to install 15,000 charging stations in Mexico. Evergo arrives in Mexico through the acquisition of the Mexican company E-Drive. The company will invest US$200 million over the next five years to boost Mexico’s green mobility options.

The plan is to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the transition to electromobility: an adequate supply of electricity that ensures range, low cost and practical, efficient as well as advanced charging solutions. Both companies will combine their experience to expand existing residential charging networks. The project will be accompanied by a platform that shows the location of charging stations, their prices, waiting time and different payment options.

InterEnergy Group highlighted Evergo’s competitive advantages: The company offers Evergo stations of up to 20kW and 600kW of power that can fully charge a vehicle in less than half an hour. “We offer an entire ecosystem for the service of electric vehicle users to promote and develop sustainable mobility and lead it toward a greener future. At the same time, the arrival of Evergo in the Mexican market links to our vision of facilitating this transition throughout the region while promoting a positive impact on the environment. Our objective will result in the elimination of more than one million tons of CO2 emissions this year,” said Rolando González-Bunster, CEO and Chairman, InterEnergy Group.

According to Daniel López, Co-Founder and CCO, E-DRIVE, the most significant change for electric mobility in Mexico is that charging services have become more of a commodity, and market diversification is proof of this. The first signs of industry consolidation have resulted in new business opportunities in electricity supply, charging networks, fleet electrification, last-mile delivery, public transport and battery handling, recycling and second-life projects, he told MBN. Furthermore, for Mexico to be a part of the EV development chain, E-Drive shared that government involvement, public investment and sources of funding are key factors. “The government needs to make it attractive to invest in the whole EV value chain by providing strategies that will benefit cities, companies and citizens economically, socially and environmentally. Mexico’s electricity reform and momentum must focus on addressing climate change and thus giving a true chance to set the stage for the long-term adoption of electric vehicles. E-Mobility is a big part of a larger ecosystem of sustainable transport that pushes for cleaner energy generation,” said López.

Amid the challenges that the energy sector faces in Mexico, Evergo’s ambitious project marks a milestone in the growing electromobility sector. According to experts, although there has been a recession for foreign companies in the renewable energy sector, electromobility was among the most attractive sectors in 2022. However, Mexico must attract investment to further develop green and renewable energy. “What causes companies to enter an empty market are almost always incentives created by governments. Stable, clear regulation is another key factor. If the government can provide both, it will create such a market,” Manuel Garay, Country Managing Director, Power Electronics told MBN.

Photo by:   pixabay.com

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