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EVs Grabbing the Spotlight

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 11/19/2020 - 17:27

The automotive industry has embraced electric mobility. Automakers and suppliers face themselves at different stages of the learning curve. Undoubtedly, EVs will play a central role in the new US administration’s plan and this will impact the Mexican auto industry.

This week we present our analysis on Joe Biden's policies and the influence they could have on Mexico's manufacturing capabilities. We also present an analysis on how EVs are expected to drive electricity demand. In this week's featured interviews, we introduce Pfeiffer Vacuum, a global supplier of leaking solutions that is addressing the needs of battery manufacturers.

On the international arena, GM is boosting its EV spending by 35 percent to substantially increase battery production. Meanwhile, Hyundai Motors is facing a lawsuit over burning batteries.

Buckle your seatbelts. This is the Week in Automotive!

Joe Biden’s Influence on the Mexican Automotive Industry

As Joe Biden gest ready to enter office next January, his bet on clean energy, EV development, and US manufacturing jobs will echo in the Mexican auto industry. Do not miss our analysis on the new US president-elect policies regarding the automotive sector.

EVs Expected to Drive Electricity Demand

Electric cars will increase energy demand, which could affect CFE’s capacity to supply energy. According to an industry leader, CFE might not be in its best conditions to supply energy demand, which will lead to public and private investments.

Featured interviews

Pfeiffer Vacuum: Addressing Battery Manufacturing Needs

Daniel Kuchenbecker of Pfeiffer Vacuum explains how leak-testing solutions contribute to efficient battery manufacturing.

Fleet Efficiency Through Centralized Software

Having a platform like Pulpomatic that centralizes all fleet tools allows companies to save costs, time and even reduce their carbon footprint

EV Batteries on Fire

Reuters reported that Hyundai Motor is being sued after some EV batteries caught on fire. GM has recalled almost 70,000 EVs with batteries from LG Chem. 

Germany to Support Low-Emission Vehicles

The German government will invest €$3 billion (US$3.57 billion) to support low-emission cars. This is part of the German government's plant to support the auto sector after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tesla Will Join S&P 500

The EV automaker will join Wall Street's top companies in December. This reflected on a direct 14 percent increase in Tesla's shares on Monday.

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