FITMA: New Meeting Point for the Manufacturing Industry
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FITMA: New Meeting Point for the Manufacturing Industry

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Arturo Morales - Gardner Business Media
Director of Events and Marketing


Q: What is FITMA’s added value for its participants and why did you organize it in Mexico City?

A: FITMA will take place from Jan. 18-20, 2022, at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City. The event will feature the largest, most innovative companies in tech and machinery, which will bring their latest tools so Mexican and Latin American participants can see them in person. FITMA will also open networking opportunities for both exhibitors and attendees from all manufacturing industries.

The organizer, Gardner Business Media (GBM), chose Mexico City after over three years of research and consideration of leading events across the world. We identified that the Latin American region needed an event like this. Mexico is the eighth-largest machine tool consumer in the world and together with Central and South America, the region is the fifth-largest consumer.

Q: How is FITMA organized to help attendees have an efficient, productive visit?

A: GBM installed six large pavilions, each for a different process, imitating a successful model used in similar trade fairs across the world. These six categories will help attendees have a more efficient visit. In the machine tool pavilion, for example, our exhibitors will include companies such as Haas, Hi-Tech, Mazak and Disma. These companies will bring impressive, innovative and complex machinery. The event will also cover the control and CAD/CAM category, automation and robots, inspection and measurement, cutting tools and clamping systems, the finishing pavilion. FITMA will also feature a special conference program aimed to provide solutions to real manufacturing problems.

Q: How does the in-person experience add value to FITMA? What is your approach to hybrid events?

A: We are positive that FITMA will be a resounding success. It will be the first international, industrial event of 2022 in the world. Last October, GBM organized Meximold demonstrated that decision-makers and attendees are eager to reconnect at in-person events. Our pre-registration already has over 8,000 potential attendees. These events are organized in venues that have the necessary infrastructure to comply with all the safety protocols recommended by health authorities.

Regarding hybrid events, we have explored some alternatives mainly for content and conferences. Digitality could be helpful in some regard but the in-person experience is vital so people can interact, feel, hear and see a machine working.

Q: What are the partnerships or alliances that will boost the trade fair and what are your expectations for FITMA?

A: We have 12 organizations working with us, including international institutions from Spain, Argentina, Taiwan, South Korea and the US. FITMA also has the support of INA, FEMIA, AMMMT, and other local organizations.

We are expecting around 3,200 daily visitors. All of our attendees are industry players who will be looking for new opportunities for their companies. We have around 160 exhibiting companies from all over the world. Attendees will see the latest technologies and will get acquainted with companies looking for new alliances and partnerships in new markets.

Q: What role will the automotive and aerospace industries play in FITMA?

A: The automotive industry is one of the most important in the Mexican manufacturing sector. We will have interesting auto sector players as exhibitors. as Attendees from Volkswagen, Daimler, Toyota and General Motors have already pre-registered, as well as executives from different companies across the automotive supply chain to come and visit the show

The aerospace sector is also an important industry in Mexico. While INA has collaborated with us in the auto industry, FEMIA has also helped us to deliver an interesting event for the aerospace sector with several exhibitors and presentations on topics such as five-axis machining, automation and robotics.

Q: What is the attendee profile and how can exhibitors take advantage of FITMA’s opportunities?

A: Attendees include directors and presidents of both SMEs and international giants. While we have major players attending, there are also Tier 3s and Tier 4s looking for opportunities to make their plants much more productive through innovative solutions. FITMA will also help connect players from different industries, allowing them to expand their business portfolios.

FITMA’s exhibitors will have a “theater” space in the center of the expo where they can showcase emerging technologies. Exhibiting companies can demonstrate their products through 20-minute presentations. This stage gives exhibitors double exposure: at their stands and during these presentations at the center of the event.

Q: How has USMCA influenced international interest in the Mexican industry?

A: We have noticed a growing interest from companies and organizations across South America to do business in Mexico, attracted by the USMCA’s rules of origin. Reshoring and nearshoring, in addition to new investments in the country, also inspired the organization of FITMA.


The International Expo of Technology and Manufacturing for Latin America (FITMA), organized by Gardner Business Media (GBM), will feature speakers from several industries from Jan. 18 to 20, 2022, at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.

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