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Flawless Execution Vital for Rapid Sucess Rates

Elimelec Villicaña Chatelain - Grupo Amaya Telleria North America
Commercial Manager


Tue, 09/15/2015 - 14:38

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Grupo Amaya Telleria’s unique selling point is its dedication to high-quality machined components and a passionate dedication to efficiency, giving it a distinct advantage since its arrival in Mexico. The company designs and manufactures suspension, powertrain, and engine parts using the precision machining techniques of steel forging and ferrous castings, as well as producing aluminum parts by injection and machining, and is rapidly moving ahead with its globalization plans from its home country of Spain. Having expanded its presence in Slovakia and Brazil, Mexico is the first North American location for the manufacturer, representing a crucial piece of the puzzle in its overall global strategy. “Grupo Amaya Telleria really started from scratch when we arrived in Mexico during 2010,” recalls Elimelec Villicaña Chatelain, Commercial Manager for Grupo Amaya Telleria North America. “With the assistance of Ford, our biggest customer in Mexico, we began operating from a temporary location while we built our first facility, eventually managing to double our capacity in 2012 by moving once more. Right now, we are fabricating close to 2 million parts for Ford per year, as well as 1.8 million components for two other customers.”

Besides Ford, Grupo Amaya Telleria’s partners include Daimler, Honda, American Axle & Manufacturing, and Chrysler, among others. The key to attracting these clients has been our ability to supply highly complex parts and components at high volumes. This is mostly achieved through machining, which is one of the supplier’s core businesses. By utilizing its turning, CNC, and milling capabilities, Grupo Amaya Telleria has been able to export 95% of its production to the US. “We are adept at design and engineering ahead of time, as well as advancing with proper capital solutions and equipment,” states Villicaña Chatelain. “Most of the development is done ahead of time and then later implemented at the plant. Additionally, it is important to put an enormous focus on flawless execution; you could be good at planning, but if you do not execute properly and achieve the end result, all of your planning efforts will have been for nothing.”

The next growth stages are the incorporation of new cutting tools, five axis equipment, and higher speed spindles for machining aluminum. Grupo Amaya’s customers are also requesting grinding solutions, but according to Villicaña Chatelain the equipment for such process is still considerably expensive. Even so, the company is searching for the most economical solution. Another challenge that must be considered in the grand scheme of things is the new emission regulations being handed down by the US and other markets. In this environment, Grupo Amaya’s customers have been displaying a keen desire to reduce the weight of their vehicles. “The company is now coming up with ideas and initiatives to eliminate weight and currently there is a trend to move toward aluminum,” says Villicaña Chatelain.

Innovations such as these require a dedication to R&D, which is imperative to Grupo Amaya’s global operations. The company’s Automotive Intelligence Center is located at its headquarters in Amorebieta, Spain, and is home to a number of testing labs and its engineering development facilities. As such, there are no plans to move any R&D to Mexican soil just yet, but Villicaña Chatelain remains hopeful and optimistic about the possibility. “As we grow, there will definitely be a time when we will need to gain more independence in Mexico. We need to go way beyond just being a manufacturer; we need to develop and engineer locally.”

Returning the focus to the present day, Grupo Amaya Telleria is looking to double its production capabilities once more, by increasing its presence with new customers such as Honda, as well as other OEMs and Japanese Tier 1 suppliers. “Grupo Amaya is building the reputation of being an extremely efficient, high-performing supplier, which is greatly increasing our credibility in the market. Before 2010, nobody knew about us, but now a lot of companies are aware of the benefits we can provide, and our goal is for Mexico to become the largest facility in the company. Right now, our branch represents a significant percentage of the company’s total revenue.” He concludes by highlighting the exciting times that are present within the Bajio region, with new companies presenting undeniable opportunities for the right kind of suppliers to gain greater footholds on Mexican soil.

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