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Fleet Management Embraces High-Tech, Big Data

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 10:52

The Mexican vehicle park has almost 35 million vehicles, of which commercial units represent nearly 35 percent. Steady growth in the segment pushed fleet units to 20 percent of all domestic auto sales in 2015. Historically, fleet sales have been closer to 17 percent of the vehicle market but robust economic conditions have supported the sector, allowing fleet companies to consider expansion.

Many organizations buy their vehicles outright but leasing solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years. When making this decision, taxes, regulatory challenges and questions of risk come into play.

In the modern global environment, operating efficiency is not just an advantage but a necessity. No business has the luxury of assuming the way things have always been done is good enough or that processes should never be examined to find more efficient solutions. These same principles are true in fleet management.

Technology and Big Data have fueled tremendous advances in the fleet industry and this has allowed innovative, forward-thinking management companies to embrace an almost entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to best practices and finding new ways to approach challenges. A reliable fleet manager can develop these solutions, tailored to the client and its strategy for savings and a lower total cost of ownership. It is no different in the Mexican market. Having the ability to access data quickly and in real-time is necessary for running an efficient fleet. But it takes powerful technology and software to handle the volumes of data a fleet produces

New processes and systems supported by advanced technology solutions help companies dive into every part of their operation, ranging from acquisition and maintenance, regulations and insurance, fuel and other expenditures, as well as driver behaviors and skills. Clients can then understand where they can cut corners or even predict problems before they happen.

A fleet is more than just a collection of vehicles. It is the company’s brand and the work environment of its employees. Beyond that, it is a critical contributor to the overall success of a business. A partner that understands specific needs, embraces goals and strategies and works to ensure the fleet is meeting the organization’s requirements is essential to long-term success. Onesize-fits-all solutions can miss critical elements that can help a fleet drive efficiency up and costs down.

With more than 20 years in the Mexican market, ARIZA delivers simple and flexible solutions that meet all these needs. ARIZA de México is unique in here as it has an established history while offering innovative, cuttingedge products and solutions backed by a committed investment in technology and data management. We are able to offer a wide variety of services and solutions integral to fleet management, optimizing operations while lowering costs for our customers.

Having a trusted partner that has been in the market for many years and has invested the necessary time, money and knowledge into developing solutions specifically tailored for the Mexican market is absolutely critical to ensure getting the most out of any fleet at the lowest possible cost.

We are experts in vehicle management, seeking to solve complex problems through analysis and management tools that promote fleet efficiency, monitoring and analyzing data to take the best course of action. Our strength is the experience and talent of our people who are devoted to delivering value to our customers.