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Ford, GM and FCA Could Extend Production Suspension

By Alejandro Enríquez | Wed, 03/25/2020 - 10:34

GM, Ford and FCA took an optimistic approach to COVID-19 announcing a vehicle production suspension in North America until the end of March. Today, sources from Detroit's Big Three told Reuters that the suspension will most likely be extended to April.

Ford stated on Tuesday that it was "not planning to restart plants on Monday, March 30, as originally hoped.” According to sources, a new date has been set for April 6, although this could be delayed again.

When GM announced its cease in operations, the company implemented a differentiated schedule for production suspensions at its various facilities in North America, including its nine facilities in Mexico. Although the company did not provide a clear deadline for operations to restart, sources told Reuters this could be delayed into April.

As for FCA, United Auto Workers President Rory Gamble confirmed that the company would comply with the Michigan governor's order of barring non-essential business operations until April 13. By extension, this order could also include Mexican facilities.

Mazda Motor Corporation Adjusts Global Production

Mazda Motor Corporation announced yesterday its intentions to adjust its operations both in Japan and overseas due to the novel COVID-19, confirmed the company in a press release yesterday. The company plans to suspend production for 13 days in Japan while working only day shifts until April 30. The gap in production will be compensated in the second quarter of FY21 ending in March 2021 or as the situation develops.

Mazda de México will suspend production for 10 days starting today."

In Mexico, Mazda and Kia were the last two OEMs still operating. However, Mazda de México will suspend production for 10 days starting today. The company also announced its intentions to continue sales operations according to the situation of the different regions across the world. This strategy aims to minimize the impact on local business partners.

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