Freightliner Cascadia

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 13:00

Freightliner, a subsidiary of Daimler, shows once again its innovative strength with its flagship model Cascadia. It is available in both efficient and high performance models as well as being sold in three variations: Raised Roof, Day Cab, and Mid Roof XT. After an investment of US$400 million in its development, and over one million man hours of development and testing, it is now being assembled in Saltillo, Coahuila. It has fast become one of the most exported units in the country. The Cascadia is designed with total cost of ownership in mind, incorporating the Detroit DD15 engine that reaches 90% peak torque in just 1.5 seconds. Cascadia incorporates BlueTec SCR emissions technology which provides a fuel economy of up to 5%, rock-bottom emissions and also a high performance of 350-600hp.

The rise in operative and fuel costs has given Cascadia an opportunity to innovate and stand out. Cascadia is also available with the new Cummins ISX12 G heavy duty gas engine that can operate with either CNG or LNG. Freightliner has focused on the needs of operators, aware that it was often going against the grain with the Cascadia. High on the list of customer requests was a larger cab and Cascadia delivers on this by increasing the size of its cabin by 20%. This allows for a larger door opening and bigger seats with more room between them, offering more storage space.

Furthering improvements to driver comfort, Cascadia has significantly reduced the clutch effort through its hydraulic clutch system with the pedal having been made easier to engage to reduce driver fatigue. Considered to be the quietest truck on the road, according to Freightliner, its sculpted lines at the back and side reduce the low frequency vibration of the body. Where panels on some other trucks may act like speakers, producing a distracting low frequency rumble, this is not the case with Cascadia. By listening to operators, Freightliner has engineered a truck suited to the high demands of the consumer market.