Gas Shortages Hit Production
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Gas Shortages Hit Production

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Alejandro Enríquez By Alejandro Enríquez | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/25/2021 - 17:28

The sector is still suffering from natural gas shortages in the country. Meanwhile, ANPACT alerts about used commercial vehicle imports. Daimler and Cummins announced a partnership to manufacture middle-range engines for commercial vehicles.

This week's featured interviews include CEO of Mazda Motor de México Miguel Barbeyto and Ignacio Moreno, CEO of one of the biggest Mexican Tier 1s, Bocar Group. MBN also features Luis Gerardo Del Valle Torres, Senior Partner at Jáuregui y Del Valle S.C.

In the international arena, semiconductor shortages now hit production of the Tesla Model 3 in the US. Meanwhile, Ford CEO calls on US authorities to support battery production and charging infrastructure.

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Vehicle Production Hit by Gas Shortages

Last week OEMs started to announce production stops and reduced shifts to cope with the extreme weather seen in the US and the consequent shortage of natural gas in Mexico. Ford, Nissan Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, Kia, BMW, Audi, Honda and Mazda have announced suspensions.

Mazda: Pandemic-Resilient, Forward-Looking

Miguel Barbeyto, CEO of Mazda Motor de México, details the OEMs' recovery plan, as well as its strategies toward EVs and gender equality.

Bocar: Anticipating Customer Needs to Sustain Growth

Bocar Group is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Mexican company with more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry, focused on aluminum high pressure die casting and semi-permanent mold components, as well as plastic injection components. It has plants in the US and Mexico and offices abroad. Learn more from its CEO, Ignacio Moreno.

Jáuregui y Del Valle: Multidisciplinary Approach to Support Manufacturing Companies

Learn more about the legal aspects of the pandemic and their importance in ongoing manufacturing operations.

Kia HR: Flexibility, Productivity Are Not Mutually Exclusive

HR Director of Kia Motors México Marianela Calderón explains the strategies the Korean company has implemented due to the pandemic.

Daimler Trucks and Cummins’ Partnership

Cummins, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty engines, will invest in production and development of systems for middle-range engines for Daimler trucks and buses.

ANPACT Warns About Used Vehicle Imports

According to the industry association, the number of imported vehicles in January 2021 grew 4.5 percent year-on-year, which is a troubling sign as most of these vehicles arrive amid a "crisis" of commercial vehicle sales.

Tesla to Cut Model 3 Production in the US

According to Reuters, Tesla will cut production due to slower demand of Tesla vehicles and chip shortages. The company’s stocks fell over 6 percent.

Ford Calls On the US Government for Batteries and Infrastructure

Ford's recently appointed CEO called on the US government to take action toward growing EV batteries production and charging infrastructure.

Photo by:   MBP

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