Alejandro Rosas
Operation Director, Industrial and Advanced Facilities
View from the Top

Global Leader Underpins Support for Newcomers

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 22:06

Q: How does CH2M approach newly arriving OEMs and automotive suppliers?

A: The new OEMs and suppliers coming to Mexico need support to reduce investment risk, which is our specialty. CH2M offers clients multiple services for the lifecycle of their project. We help our clients with consulting and pre-construction services to expedite a soft landing and mitigate their risk through services such as site location, environmental services, due diligence, engineering, procurement and project or construction management. In over 20 years, our team has helped make more than 500 new plants safer in the automotive industry and other sectors.

Not only do we provide support for risk reduction on investments, we also have engineering expertise and business acumen, with which we provide to help all newcomers. CH2M has broad experience in plant design in several countries, which we reflect in our designs and use of resources. Since our foundation in 1946, we continue to improve our lean engineering services and resource and utility planning. We advise our clients on how to reduce the frequency of plant servicing and increase their revenue.

Q: Which CH2M contributions to infrastructure have benefited the automotive industry and what challenges have you faced?

A: In addition to the industrial sector, CH2M participates in transportation and oil and gas. We design and help our clients build highways and airports as well as midstream infrastructure such as pipelines and cogeneration plants that are part of the main infrastructure used by industrial parks and for OEMs' greenfield plants. Our company has contributed to developing technology and innovation parks throughout the country. CH2M has contributed to the design of economic and technical zones as well as advanced manufacturing science and technology parks, most of which are in the Middle East and South America. The main challenge we face is the coordination of many areas and business groups to provide the specificservicesthatnewhigh-tech parks might require. We also offer master planning and technology park benchmarking. Our economic park analyses are always well received by our clients.

Q: What is CH2M’s involvement in urban development projects?

A: While most of our clients are in the private sector, we provide assistance to the public sector with very specialized services such as traffic studies, risk-reduction assessments and intelligent transportation systems. Our participation in transportation and infrastructure is one of the best in the world. We are participating in several projects in Mexico. Among the most important is the New International Airport of Mexico City (NAICM) and the Atotonilco Water Treatment Plant, which is the biggest plant of its kind in Latin America. CH2M has also participated in projects like High Speed Rail Systems and Bus Rapid Transits in Canada and the US.

When we participate in projects involving the public sector we make sure they are top level with an important impact on local communities. This justifies our participating in the development and construction of the NAICM and Atotonilco’s Water Treatment Plant. We believe they will have a prolonged impact beyond their immediate communities, similar to the Panama Canal, which we also supported. Our commitment to the community is deep- rooted and we take our commitment seriously when designing, managing and participating in projects with the public sector.

We are also one of the top environmental firms in the world. Our environmental services include site analyses, remediation, phase I and phase II studies, environmental impact assessments, risk studies, technical studies and permits. We are proud that CH2M is ranked by different organizations as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.