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Go Green Vehicles!

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 09/10/2020 - 17:48

It seems that green vehicles are driving major investments. This week, Nikola Motors gained recognition for its partnerships with GM and Bosch. Meanwhile, Uber announced its ambitious plan to go emissions-free globally by 2040. Although Tesla suffered a speedbump in its stock price, electric vehicles are one step closer to dominate the roads.

On a more local note, Audi México will have a new president. Tarek Mashhour will replace Andreas Lehe after almost two years in charge of Audi's manufacturing plant in Puebla. Meanwhile, Deloitte Mexico is certain about the opportunities that emerge after a crisis.

Sit tight, this is the Week in Automotive!

Nikola Motors Creates Strategic Partnership With Bosch, GM

In late August, Nikola Motors' head Trevor Milton wrote an article for Bosch in which he detailed Nikola's partnership with the German Tier 1 supplier to make the fuel-cell drive for trucks suitable for mass production. Today, GM took a step further and announced an 11 percent ownership of Nikola and the right to nominate one of its directors. In exchange, Nikola's Badger – the brand's pickup truck – will be engineered and manufactured by GM.

Uber to Become Emissions-Free

The mobility giant announced its plan to become a fully zero-emissions platform by 2040 with 100 percent of rides being made in zero-emission vehicles. The plan also includes US$800 million in resources to help drivers in the US, Canada and Europe transition to battery EVs by 2025.

Audi México Will Have a New President

After almost two years as head of Audi México and overseeing the manufacturing operations of the Q5 model at Audi's plant in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, Andreas Lehe will move on to the position of Chief of Strategic Planning at Audi AG. Tarek Mashhour will replace Lehe as Executive President of Audi México on Nov. 1, 2020.

Deloitte: Let’s Not Forget That Crises Are Opportunities

In this weeks' featured interviews, Leader Partners of Manufacturing Industry and Automotive Sector at Deloitte Mexico detail the opportunities for the sector in times of the pandemic. What are the key elements to strengthen sales? What are the trends in the Mexican market? How will USMCA benefit local companies? Don't miss our interview here.

Car Fast, Pioneer in a Nascent Niche: Digital Vehicle Sales

As the pandemic boosts digitalization across different parts of the automotive supply chain, vehicles sales are no exception. Founder and CEO of Car Fast, Nazareth Black, explains the company's digital sales business model.

International Roads

On Tuesday, Tesla's stock dropped by 21 percent, its biggest one-day percentage drop on record. But it seems the electric vehicle giant is recovering. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-stocks-options/options-market-signals-bumpy-ride-for-tesla-shares-idUSKBN26126Z

Maserati will present a new super car following the FCA-PSA merger. It seems that MC20 will be the "crown jewel" of the new Stellantis group, the name given to the resulting venture after the merger.

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