Grupo Hitec-Haas UMC-750SS

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 15:07

Complex automotive parts require increasingly complex manufacturing technologies that are no longer suited to a manual approach. However, automating a machine so it can deliver adequate results in a cost-competitive time is no easy feat, requiring strong mechanical capabilities and control software to carefully manage the process. Nevertheless, computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing has become a standard practice in the automotive industry, and CNC equipment manufacturers are constantly innovating to make machining processes simpler.

Grupo Hi-Tec, official distributor of the Haas brand in Mexico, is now offering the new Haas UMC-750SS high-speed universal machining center as a solution for most manufacturing challenges. This equipment uses ISO standard G-code that can be programmed directly with its CNC control unit, and can receive programs directly through a USB port or through an optional Ethernet interface. Additionally, the UMC features a 1MB program memory that can be further extended to up to 750MB. This vertical machining center works with five degrees of freedom, three in the spindle and two more on its platter. It is equipped with a 15,000-rpm inline directdrive ISO 40 conic spindle powered by a 30hp vector drive system, providing a torque of 122Nm at a rate of 2,000 rpm. The spindle can travel 762mm on the X-axis, 508mm on Y, and 508mm on Z, with a maximum feed rate of 30.5m per minute and 16.5m per minute when cutting. Additionally, the high-speed roller-cam trunnion table allows the platter to tilt from 110° to -35°, and rotate 360° to provide an extended part capacity and perfect tool clearance. The platter has a length of 630mm, a width of 500mm, and it can support components of up to 300kg. Both of the table’s axles can work at a maximum feed rate of 150° per second, even when the machine is operating, offering high-quality standards at high speeds. The UMC also provides a user-defined second home position, dynamic work offsets, and coordinated rotation and scaling. The center can work between 195V and 260V with a 3-phase alternating current, and requires an air source of 4lpm at 690,000Pa. It has a coolant capacity of 284l and provides an optional through-spindle coolant system. Moreover, this machining center includes a highspeed side-mount SMTC tool changer with a capacity for 40+1 tools. It has a maximum diameter tolerance of 127mm when the adjacent slots are free, and 76mm when the magazine is full. The tool changer can support tools of 305mm and 5.4kg and it has an average tool-to-tool change time of 2.8 seconds and chip-to-chip of 3.2 seconds. This offers excellent flexibility for machining different materials and geometries.