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Grupo Prodensa, the Right Partner to Brave Change

By Alejandro Salas | Mon, 07/13/2020 - 05:00

Q: What is Grupo Prodensa’s strategy to add value to its clients’ manufacturing operations?

A: Grupo Prodensa helps companies optimize their manufacturing footprint by participating in everything from the design to the implementation of new projects. We help our clients identify key variables such as costs, clients and suppliers and, based on that, decide where to set up shop in a new location in Mexico or the US. When plants are already running, Grupo Prodensa helps clients to maximize productivity. This hands-on approach helps us materialize efficiencies.

Q: How is Grupo Prodensa helping its automotive clients adapt to the new trade environment?

A: Grupo Prodensa needs to fully understand the rules of the game established by USMCA, work with the government authorities to clear all gray areas in the treaty and help clients develop strong quality and compliance systems. USMCA’s requirements need to be integrated into automotive companies’ quality management systems. These help to keep track of production, monitor inventories and control quality, but it is necessary to strengthen them with compliance variables to meet the rules of origin of USMCA.

Q: How will Gropo Prodensa cater to Asian companies that could arrive as a result of USMCA?

A: Grupo Prodensa has a special strategy to target Asian companies that want to set up shop in North America and take advantage of USMCA’s new rules of origin. We design customized products that support the needs of Asian companies and for that, we need to understand their specific requirements, as they have unique practices when it comes to developing partnerships and purchasing services. To that end, Grupo Prodensa has added Asian experts to its teams to fully capture how these companies think and what they prioritize. Asian investments will be responsible for most of the growth that the North American automotive supply chain will experience in the near future.


Alejandro Salas Alejandro Salas Senior Editorial Manager