Guanajuato Puerto Interior, From Manufacturing to Mindfacturing

Sat, 09/01/2018 - 13:07

Guanajuato Puerto Interior is considered the most dynamic and consolidated dry port in Mexico and Latin America. This industrial and logistics complex in Guanajuato has reinvented its business model that was traditionally focused on industrial and manufacturing activities toward the generation of high added-value businesses and services or what is now called “mindfacturing.” The economy of knowledge and Industry 4.0 will now be the driving forces behind the development of this complex supported by the state of Guanajuato.
Since March 2006, Guanajuato Puerto Interior has promoted the investment of companies from over 18 countries, installed in over 1,270ha and generating over 17,000 direct jobs. The Interior Customs Office of Guanajuato has also been a key element in developing foreign trade in the region and in managing imports and exports in record time for companies in the state. The complex now houses national and international manufacturing companies from the automotive and auto parts sectors, as well as an intermodal rail terminal operated by Ferromex, as well as the Sky Plus aerospace park.
Following industrial technological advances and demands for business modernization, Guanajuato Puerto Interior’s bet is on Industry 4.0-oriented companies that can make it a Smart Port 4.0. This is a new dynamic development focused on financial, human and technological resources that seeks efficiency in governance, logistics, sustainability, housing and most importantly, human resources through retention and attraction of talent. The goal of this new strategy is to offer higher added-value to the logistics, manufacturing and industrial supply chain.
R&D and innovation will be a priority for all companies establishing in Guanajuato Puerto Interior. IPN will remain a cornerstone for talent development through its Professional Interdisciplinary Unit for Engineering Campus Guanajuato, where over 2,500 students are training in industrial, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, aeronautics and automotive systems engineering. Smart Port 4.0 will boost what is called the City of Innovation, Technology and Services, which will involve projects such as CIATEC’s Innovation and Technological Development Complex, as well as the Center for Research and Development on Crating and Packaging from the De La Salle Bajio University.