Heavy Vehicle Sector Reaches New Highs in 2022
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Heavy Vehicle Sector Reaches New Highs in 2022

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Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 10:13

Mexico’s automotive industry reached historical levels of heavy vehicle production, with 122,135 tanker trucks assembled during 2022, a 19.6 percent increase over the previous year and 2.4 percent above pre pandemic numbers, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). The previous record stood at 119,450 units.

Mexico is a leader in tanker truck exports, surpassing the US and Germany, highlighted Miguel Elizalde, President, National Association of Manufacturers of Buses, Trucks and Tractors (ANPACT). Manufactured truck levels grew 20.6 percent in 2022 when compared to the previous year, but remain 0.7 percent below 2019 levels.

"We are in full economic recovery. Although it looked difficult, with this we guarantee that Mexico maintains its world leadership in the field of tractor-trailers, as the number one,” says Elizalde, according to El Economista. Mexico’s top export destinations were the US, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Experts agree that Mexico must take action now to become a critical automotive hub, as the country has a unique opportunity thanks to its manufacturing capabilities, nearshoring activities and highly specialized talent. The country, however, needs regional energy security that guarantees the supply of electricity and clean fuels at competitive prices to maintain growth in Mexico's heavy-duty vehicle industry, explains Elizalde.

He also highlighted the need to invest in local suppliers and electromobility, which will be the industry’s backbone in the coming years. "To maintain our exporting capacity, we have to meet a specific regional content value, currently we have to meet 60 percent of regional content, next year it will be 64 percent and by 2027, 70 percent, so we need to work on regional sourcing and define an agenda for electromobility,” he says.

Mexico and Canada recently won a trade dispute over the USMCA rules of origin controversy. A dispute panel ruled that the US’s interpretation of the rules of origin is “inconsistent” with the USMCA. Experts hope that this resolution will boost investments in Mexico’s automotive industry.

“Mexico will begin a process of dialogue and cooperation with its trade partners to keep track of the final report. Mexico reiterates its commitment to dialogue as the best tool for strengthening North American trade integration,” said Mexico’s Ministry of Economy.

Photo by:   Sandid

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