Henkel Material Treatments

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 16:20

The quest for increased vehicle efficiency has led to a series of innovations in manufacturing processes. Normally, these are oriented toward thinner steel plates in the car’s body or the inclusion of new materials in the chassis or the interior. However, new materials demand new treatments, as well as updated adhesive technologies that offer the same levels of efficiency that welding has offered to the industry over the years. To address this disparity, Henkel has developed several practices to improve current manufacturing processes, based on more than 90 years of history with innovative and sustainable solutions. A 10% weight reduction can improve fuel economy in a vehicle by between 6% and 8%, and Henkel’s technology is capable of reducing the weight of a car by almost 100kg. Henkel’s three principal technologies are BONDERITE, TEROSON, and LOCTITE, which are focused on sealing and coating treatments, as well as adhesive operations. Coating treatments lengthen the lifecycle of metallic materials, whereas sealants protect vital components like electronic devices from exposure to water and other harmful materials, while simultaneously offering better acoustics in the cabin. LOCTITE, however, is a line of high-performance adhesives that replace conventional unification processes. This range of solutions contributes to the car’s structure, given that the same level of resistance is provided, while reducing the likelihood of vibration. All three technologies promote the use of alternative substrates, with a significant impact on the exterior, interior, powertrain, body, chassis, and HVAC system of the vehicle.

BONDERITE is a treatment solution for bodies and multimetallic substrate components that reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. It eliminates several stages in the coating process, reducing the amount of water required to treat the vehicle and can reduce the vehicle’s weight by up to 37.4kg. The adhesive works on components with metallic substrates containing more than 85% aluminum and includes specially formulated lubricants that satisfy each requirement in the steel, aluminum, and magnesium forming processes, extending the lifetime of machinery and equipment.

TEROSON incorporates an entire line of sealing and coating solutions that improve the structural and isolation capacities of the vehicle. This solution can eliminate almost 28.9kg of the vehicle’s weight. In terms of structural improvements, TEROSON decreases weight in lateral montage for body operations, and it strengthens pillars, seats, large one-part components, as well as seat and bumper supports. Furthermore, it reduces or completely eliminates the requirement for certain welding processes, optimizing automation levels on the production line. In terms of sealing, this technology prevents air and water filtration, and reduces any vibration that causes noise in the cabin.

Finally, LOCTITE offers a new adhesive technology, capable of reducing a vehicle’s weight by 29kg. This product enhances levels of safety and simplifies production operations, saving up to 60% or 70% in weight compared to classic steel adhesives. The process allows increased production speeds and simplification of assembly processes, even between different materials. In addition, LOCTITE can eliminate up to 30% of the required pretreatment process for a metallic surface, with an adhesion conducive to application in aluminum and plastics.