Alberto Aguiló
Managing Director
Sitrack México
View from the Top

High-Tech Tracker Provides Logistics Solutions

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 09:49

Q: What is Sitrack’s expectation for the local market and what opportunities are opening?

A: Mexico’s business landscape is demanding newer technologies and enhanced managerial processes, forcing players to evolve professionally. Sitrack is setting itself apart with smart solutions and high-quality installation and maintenance services that use the Internet to track and monitor a company’s assets. Last year the company’s local engineering department expanded, improving programming and development processes. Sitrack increased sales by 30 percent year on year in 2015 and expects 37 percent growth by the end of 2016

There are enormous opportunities in multiple industrial segments. Sitrack has provided clients such as insurance companies with interactive analytical maps pointing out hot zones, as well as high-liability and safe zones, using our own information and that provided by local police. Another app the company launched serves as a communication channel where logarithms pinpoint consumer trends, allowing the user to understand the transportation market and respond faster to satisfy tracking needs.

Sitrack is far more than a GPS satellite company. Our technology now links with SAP’s invoice processing for the gas industry, maximizing time efficiency and fuel consumption traceability. Mexico is not only ready for this type of solutions but truly needs them, and Sitrack is prepared to satisfy the market’s demand. In fact, given Mexico-US transport relationship, we now serve as a domestic satellite provider for foreign truckers, creating a link between both economies and securing their operations on Mexican soil.

Q: What innovative products has Sitrack brought to market?

A: Gasoline theft is one of Sitrack’s main concerns. We developed a solution that tracks a vehicle’s tank and publishes the data online with user-friendly graphs and reports. Besides helping prevent theft, Sitrack’s foremost advantage is that it can also monitor what goes into the tank to avoid damage to the engine.

Besides engine and tracking capabilities, Sitrack builds driver profiles for each employee to simplify fleet analyses. This helps improve driving practices, the life span of the vehicle and return on investment (ROI). Because fatigue is a main causes of accidents, we developed a special camera solution that knows when a driver loses focus and another that vibrates a vehicle’s seats when driving anomalies are detected. The platform provides information to insurance companies regarding incident probabilities for each driver so they can contact their customers and warn them of possible risks. We can reach clients anywhere in Mexico within 24 hours thanks to our rapid follow-up customer service.

Q: How has Sitrack targeted its solutions to this market and what hurdles do you face in Latam?

A: Sitrack designed a business model with its commercial partner, MAS Seguros. The company entered the Mexican market in 2010, and today we serve a fleet of more than 30,000 vehicles. In 2014, leveraging the experience from Sitrack’s other markets, the company expanded its safety and logistics solutions portfolio to specifically target Mexican carriers. We launched more than five new products in 2015 that increased our clients’ operational efficiency while minimizing risks and liability.

The company was born into circumstances that are particular to the Latin American market and it has adapted accordingly. We have the expertise to adopt top-notch international technological trends. A lack of infrastructure and organic developments still hinder Latin America’s position as emerging leaders. If we can find a way to encourage innovation, the world will undoubtedly be surprised and impressed by the expertise in Latin America