Human Capital Management and Challenges of New Labor Standards

By Mónica López | Tue, 04/06/2021 - 09:10

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USMCA brought tougher rules of origin for automotive goods. Conciliation and effective union representation under USMCA’s Chapter 23 are now the new normal. At the same time, the pandemic forced the industry to rethink how it managed its workforce, bringing challenges but also great opportunities for companies, agreed panelists at the Mexico Automotive Summit 2021 on Mar. 25. Marcela Barreiro, HR Director at Daimler, Maite Delgadillo, HR Director of SCANIA and Luis Monsalvo, Founding Partner at Monsalvo Duclaud addressed topics ranging from the outsourcing reform to taking care of employee’s mental health during a panel moderated by Mónica Doger, Director General of CLAUZ.

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