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Hyundai, Qualcomm, 3M, Sonavox: The Week in Automotive

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 09/09/2021 - 16:35

This week major suppliers, technology platforms and innovative brands gave their perspective of the major industry trends. Hyundai shared its omnichannel approach to vehicle sales. 3M introduced material technology solutions for a carbon-neutral industry. Qualcomm explained how 5G is to revolutionize the automotive sector. Finally, Sonavox detailed how Tlaxcala is ramping up as an automotive hub.

Also, do not miss the latest developments on the dialogue between the Mexican Ministry of Labor and US Department of Labor on the advancement of USMCA labor standards. On international roads, pay close attention to Toyota's ambitious battery plans and the results Continental mobility study.

Ready to hit the road? This is the week in automotive!

Omnichannel Approach Key to Improving Sales: Hyundai

Juan Carlos Ortega, Marketing Director México at Hyundai, explains the success behind the brand's second place in JD Power's sales satisfaction index. "There is a great opportunity to capitalize on the connectivity between different channels as it is challenging to have processes siloed. Hyundai has a great advantage in being a relatively young brand in the Mexican market at under 10 years. This allows us to implement systems that better meet the needs of the sales process," he said.

Deploying Material Solutions for a Sustainable Future

José Pin, Head of Automotive and Aerospace Divisions Latin America of 3M, explained how the company is supporting OEMs toward a CASE mobility. "Electrification and autonomous vehicles are among the biggest trends in the automotive sector. 3M has been working in electrification since 2018, when we created a specialized group to coordinate transversal efforts to address our clients’ needs. That specialized team and our technological capabilities allowed us to introduce thermal management solutions, electric isolation products and materials for battery cells. Various solutions are now available to the market and many companies worldwide are already testing them," he said.

Adoption of 5G to Revolutionize Automotive Industry, pt.1

Do you have doubts about the implications of 5G in the automotive sector? Ricardo Anaya, Staff Product Manager México at Qualcomm, explained the role of 5G in industrial applications. "The cornerstones of 5G are more bandwidth, better latency and more user capacity. When implementing 5G, these three pillars and the new frequencies on which this technology works allow for network deployments that are very different from what we are used to," he said.

Sonavox Ramps Up Auto Parts Production in Tlaxcala

"The industry has flourished in the state. More companies have installed production facilities and the government has also positively influenced the industry’s performance. CLAUZ has also played an important role in promoting the industry’s growth. All stakeholders have contributed to generate a promising scenario for the automotive sector in Tlaxcala," read the full interview with Florian Hanft, Plant Manager Mexico at Sonavox.

Mexico, US Met to Discuss USMCA Labor Standards

Mexico’s Minister of Labor, Luisa Alcalde, met with the Deputy Minister of International Affairs of the US Secretary of Labor, Thea Lee, to discuss USMCA labor standards. The meeting comes almost a month after GM plant in Silao, Guanajuato, held an election on union representation.

Toyota Unveils Battery Manufacturing Plans

During its quarterly meeting with shareholders, Toyota Motor Corporation introduced its global strategy for manufacturing battery for its electrified vehicles. The effort will represent a JPY$1.5 trillion (US$14 billion) investment by 2030.

Autonomous Vehicles Gain Acceptance: Continental Mobility

Continental, one of the largest Tier 1 suppliers in the world, presented the results of its mobility study in key markets and highlighted the increasing acceptance of autonomous driving. The survey’s results point that assistance systems and data sharing are increasingly linked with clear

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