Improving Public Transportation for Drivers, Users And Owners
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Improving Public Transportation for Drivers, Users And Owners

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Luis Guzmán - Telemática y Controles
Director General


When it comes to public transportation, many people usually have a negative perception. Technology can help change this by improving the user experience, says Luis Guzmán, Director General of Telemática y Controles. “People do not see it as a benefit to move by public transportation but they see it as a sign of inferiority, poverty and lack of social status. Technology can protect owners' units, provide driver safety and improve the overall user experience," he says.

Telemática y Controles is a Mexican-owned company founded by two former bus drivers and collaborators who believe in their career. The company has been in the market for four years and integrates solutions for public transportation through the import and distribution of video surveillance products for the government and the private sector. The company specializes in operational analysis and incident prevention. “I was a public transport driver for more than 20 years. We know how to operate a bus, its strengths and weaknesses. We are specialists in the analysis of common incidents that occur in public transport, which allows us to offer a customized solution to our client," Guzmán says.

The installation of surveillance devices has considerable benefits when it comes to avoiding costs associated with an accident. According to Guzmán, the cost saved from a single incident can cover the investment of installing the equipment in a single unit. “We had a case in which a car coming from a bike path crashed into a bus. The driver of the car did not want to take responsibility. We checked the video and the insurance company proceeded against the driver. The cost of the accident that the bus company had spent was around MX$20,000 (US$1,000), which is the value of the equipment. This event only paid for the investment, but we have different incidents that can represent significant savings for owners,” explains Guzmán.

The general experience for public transport users can also be improved by adapting integral solutions to several units. “Once integrated, our system can show people in real time at what time their bus will arrive, with a 10-second precision rate. We have already implemented this system in Puerto Vallarta in a 330-unit project and people are satisfied with the certainty it provides.”

The surveillance team also has a significant influence on the driver's behavior, while serving as a means to recognize the driver's efforts to do a good job. “These tools help companies know if a driver has done his job well, while the driver behaves well because he knows he is under surveillance. In addition, the system can prevent unfair incarceration of drivers. We had a case in which a person committed suicide when crashing into a bus. A review of the video showed that the driver was not guilty,” Guzmán says.

Regardless of the device, any technological implementation must be accompanied by the appropriate experience to process the data collected. For telemetry, surveillance and GPS companies, human knowledge is still required, according to Guzmán. “There are events that are difficult to analyze for a machine. Human experience is needed to analyze these special incidents. That is an important differentiator for us given our vast knowledge of the public transportation segment."

In addition, surveillance services can contribute to reduce incidents of insecurity when they are properly connected to public surveillance services. “Improving user experience is also related to the transfer of data to the government security system C5. By having the appropriate certifications, as a surveillance company we can serve as a communication channel with public security elements,” says Guzmán.

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