INA’s Supplier Summit Aims to Strengthen Industry Relations
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INA’s Supplier Summit Aims to Strengthen Industry Relations

Photo by:   Tomasz Mikołajczyk
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Rodrigo Andrade By Rodrigo Andrade | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 03/13/2023 - 15:56

The National Auto Parts Industry (INA), in collaboration with the Chain of Industry Suppliers in Mexico (CAPIM), will host the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit Mexico 2023, which will take place on May 31 and June 1, 2023. The event seeks to strengthen the supply chain and relationships between suppliers.

The summit expects the attendance of representatives of over 2,000 companies from 12 countries, including key decision-makers from the automotive industry across North America. The event will feature over 10,000m2 of exhibition space that will be used to hold B2B meetings and keynote conferences from the industry stakeholders.

Key actors from the country’s largest automotive companies will give presentations about its major opportunities, including: Francisco Alcalá, Director of Purchasing and Supplier Network, BMW; Humberto Fernández, Head of Parts Development Department, KIA; José Luis Hernández, Procurement Director, Honda Mexico; and Marco Bañuelos, Director of Logistics and Supply, Kenworth Mexicana. Other companies, such as Bosch, FLEX, FOXCONN and ZACUA, will also have representatives at the event.

According to INA, 70% of exhibition spaces are reserved. The summit will host a special pavilion for Canadian, Japanese, Spanish and Korean companies. It will also hold a special space for companies from Queretaro and Puebla.  Over 70 large buyers with more than 300 purchase requests are expected to participate, including Volkswagen, Stellantis, Kia, Ford, Honda, Bosch, Continental, John Deere, Martinrea, Eaton, Caterpillar, Rassini, Hitachi, Magna, Valeo, Tremec and others.

The International Automotive Industry Supply Summit Mexico 2023 aims to generate new links between buyers and suppliers, allowing both to take advantage of the new opportunities that nearshoring brings to Mexico’s automotive industry. 

INA Signs Joint Statement for Right to Repair
INA has joined other global automotive organizations in advocating for the right to repair legislation. The organization states that this right is crucial for the automotive parts and service industry, which assists 1.5 billion vehicles on the road and contributes US$1.8 trillion to the global economy, reports MBN.

The joint statement has been signed by various organizations, including the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India. The statement outlines ten best practices for developing legislative frameworks that countries can adapt to their specific needs, covering topics such as equal access, telematics and accountability.

Photo by:   Tomasz Mikołajczyk

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