Incentives, Infrastructure Needed to Advance Heavy Vehicle Trends

By Mónica López | Mon, 04/05/2021 - 10:16

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Lower costs, better management and higher sustainability in heavy vehicles are already within grasp, agreed panelists during Mexico Automotive Summit’s first panel on Wednesday, Mar. 24. However, infrastructure and government incentives are needed to catch up. During the panel moderated by Miguel Elizalde, President of ANPACT, Flavio Rivera, CEO of Daimler Vehículos Comerciales México, said he hopes that an economic reactivation in the US improves the situation for the heavy vehicle segment. In this regard, support in the form of incentives from the government and a greater effort from all companies involved are necessary, added Marcelo Caraveo, Risk Director and Asset Manager of TIP. Alejandro Mondragón, CEO of SCANIA and  Frank Gudlach, Director General of Man Truck & Bus, also addressed what information technology provides companies and some of the biggest trends in the sector.

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