Inclusivity, Road Safety in the Spotlight
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Inclusivity, Road Safety in the Spotlight

Photo by:   Unsplash, Minh Tran
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Alfonso Núñez By Alfonso Núñez | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 04/06/2022 - 12:12

The automotive sector is looking to increase gender inclusivity in the public and private sector through company initiatives and a new national platform. Meanwhile, OEMs and startups alike announced partnerships to increase R&D and offer better loans for interested clients.


Exciting innovations in the industry include JTEKT revamping its portfolio to keep up with a transforming sector and Kenworth offering an environmentally friendly truck. However, the semiconductor shortage continues, leading the industry to prioritize the manufacturing of the most popular and profitable vehicles at the moment.


This week in automotive:


BBVA, Odetta to Offer Pre-Owned Vehicle Loans


BBVA and previously-owned-vehicle startup Odetta are teaming up to offer loans to meet the growing demand at a time when the new vehicle market may not be able to meet it on its own. BBVA expects to provide loans for 25 percent of semi-new car purchases in Mexico and expects to receive about 20,000 applications as a result of their partnership.


Ford Drives Gender Inclusivity Forward


Ford’s gender inclusivity efforts have allowed women to become 40 percent of the company’s workforce and directive board in Mexico. Ford continues to drive forward gender inclusivity in its plants in Chihuahua, Cuautitlan and Hermosillo.


Hyundai Bets on E-Fuel Research


Hyundai Motor Group is partnering with Aramco and KAUST to continue developing an e-fuel based on the company’s ultra-lean burn technology. Hyundai is looking to maximize environmental solutions by focusing efforts beyond EV and hybrid models and innovating an environmentally friendly fuel through which ICE vehicles in continued transit can reduce carbon emissions.


Automotive Industry Celebrates Mobility, Road Safety Reform


Mexico’s Congress approved the reform of General Law of Mobility and Road Safety, which includes a revision of its seventh article to include the Ministry of Economy in the National Mobility and Road Safety System. The law puts pedestrians first, followed by cyclists and non-motorized vehicle users, public transportation and motorized vehicles, in that order.


JTEKT to Revamp Product Portfolio amid Industry Transformation


JTEKT Corporation, one of the world’s most important steering system players, is revamping its product portfolio following the sector’s continued transformation and electrification. The new company offer will leverage JTKET’s size and products through a half-billion-dollar R&D investment as its presence in Mexico continues to grow with the inauguration of its San Luis Potosi plant in March 2022.


Despite an Improvement in March, Auto Sales Remain Low


March 2022 saw a 19.5 month-to-month increase in light vehicle sales, according to INEGI. However, this is the seventh month in a row to show a year-to-year reduction, reporting a 1.2 percent decrease. This trend reminds industry players of the long road still ahead to achieve a recovery.


Kenworth Launches T680 Next Gen in Mexico


Kenworth has announced the release of the T680 Next Gen, an environmentally friendly truck designed specifically to optimize long distance operations performance. The bus’s PACCAR MX-13 motor model is only available in Mexico and incorporates TruckTech Plus technology, which allows internal problems to be identified on time.


Available Semiconductors Will Go to SUVs


As the semiconductor shortage continues, the auto manufacturing industry is prioritizing the allocation of available semiconductors to the production of SUVs due to their growing popularity, reports JATO. SUV demand has only increased during the last two years as home-office shifts have made the vehicle ideal for a “digital nomad” lifestyle.


ANPACT to Increase Women’s Participation in Transport Industry


The National Association of Buses, Trucks and Tractor Trucks (ANPACT) has launched a “MujerEsAutotransprote” platform to address gender inequality in the heavy vehicle sector by promoting further inclusion in the trucking industry.


Photo by:   Unsplash, Minh Tran

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