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Industry to Grow in 2021

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 01/14/2021 - 16:18

AMIA, INA, and AMDA expect automotive imports and exports to grow between 12 and 24 percent over the year, including auto parts. This is mostly due to the favorable environment seen in the US and Canada. Domestic sales are expected to recover should financing schemes improve.

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Mexican Commercial Vehicle Production Dropped 31.4 Percent

Commercial vehicle production dropped 31.4 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. Exports also dropped 32.5 percent against 2019. According to ANPACT, these levels are similar to those seen in 2013.

First USMCA Claim

USMCA brought new labor standards to oversee labor and union rights at manufacturing facilities across the country. AFL-CIO, one of the largest US unions, will make the first claim following USMCA’s enforcement before the Interinstitutional Labor Committee.

In case you missed it, here is our interview with one of USMCA's labor panelists.

Shortage of Semiconductors Impacts the SectorA global shortage of semiconductors is affecting the automotive and auto parts industries due to the high demand for computer equipment and telephones generated by the pandemic’s working-from-home dynamic. Semiconductors shortages have affected Daimler and Volkswagen production in Germany and Subaru’s production in Japan.

Ford Brazil Will Cease Production at All Facilities in 2021

Ford announced it will cease production at its Camaçari, Taubaté and Troller plants in 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic maintains production capacity idle. Slow sales have resulted in years of significant losses. Brazil will be supplied from Argentina and Uruguay.

GM Launches BrightDrop

GM announced a new business, BrightDrop, which will offer an ecosystem of electric first-to-last-mile products, software and services to empower delivery and logistics companies to move goods.

BMW and Volkswagen 2020 Results

BMW announced sales dropped 8.4 percent in 2020 mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Volkswagen announced sales plummeted 15 percent in 2020 but signs of recovery were clearer in December.

Alejandro Enríquez Alejandro Enríquez Journalist and Industry Analyst