José Sanromán Tovar
Director of Puebla Operations
Kautex Textron de México

Introducing Next Generation Fuel Systems to Mexico

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 14:09

Kautex is a global leader in the manufacture of low emission twin-sheet-fuel systems and has been well-known for its expertise in developing fuel tanks since 1935. The company’s products are manufactured with two different technologies: conventional technology and NGFS®, which stands for Next Generation Fuel Systems. The NGFS® process is a twin sheet technology that significantly improves the value of a fuel system, and is used in the production of fuel tanks that are most common in the passenger vehicle segment. Conventional technology for fuel tanks previously required that fuel pumps, filters, hoses, and other fuel related components were outside of the tank, but with NGFS®, most of the components are inside, significantly reducing HC emissions. Not only that, but NGFS® technology also reduces CO2 emissions, as well as reducing the weight of a fuel system by approximately 10%. It can also be used in the production of pressurized plastic tank systems for hybrid vehicles, leading to a weight benefit of up to 50% when compared to the existing steel tanks that hybrid vehicles use.

Kautex develops products for the North American market, so must meet the strictest requirements. With that in mind, the emissions from an NGFS® fuel tank are significantly below the planned EPA for 2017, as well as California’s emission standards of 300g/24h hydrocarbons per day per car. The demand for PZEV and hybrid vehicles has driven the company to further develop and improve the value of our NGFS® technology for the OEMs and for the end customer. Being the enabler for lightweight plastic hybrid fuel systems, NGFS® contributes to the success of hybrid technology in the market, assisting in the introduction of highly efficient hybrid vehicles with low fuel consumption.

The SCR technology has become the most acknowledged method for eliminating harmful nitrogen oxide (NOX) within automotive diesel power trains. The infrastructure providing the required emission reduction fluid (DEF) is continuously growing in all major regions. Starting as a niche product several years ago, SCR is now available in most diesel vehicles worldwide. Kautex, together with a global partner for the supply module, was a pioneer of this technology and now has production capacities installed in Asia, North America, and Europe. Since 2006, Kautex has launched more than 50 tank projects for more than ten OEMs. “We are always looking at the opportunity to expand into additional regions in strategic ways that would best meet the interests of our customers and Kautex,” states Jose Sanroman Tovar, Director of Puebla Operations at Kautex Textron de México. “Mexico, of course, is one of those regions which we continue to examine, so 2015 should be a year of continued forward momentum for Kautex. We are pleased to be leading the charge to develop emission reduction technologies in Mexico,” he concludes.