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Investments, Sales Trends, Autonomous Vehicles

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 05/13/2021 - 16:50

This was a busy week for the automotive sector as investments continue to arrive to Mexico, this time to Aguascalientes. Meanwhile, take a closer look at light vehicle sales trends seen in the market. Between January and April 2021, this sector recovered only by 3 percent.

Regarding the EV revolution, we interviewed Giant Motors Latinoamerica, the company responsible for manufacturing and selling JAC models in the country. Also, learn more about the role batteries play in the total cost of EVs and how insurer Zurich Mexico is joining the EV100 initiative.

Do not miss our interview with one of the leading companies in the plastic injection segment working with companies such as Tesla, Audi and BMW, among others.

Finally, be sure to read our analysis on autonomous vehicles and the recent events that triggered safety concerns.

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Light Vehicles Sales in 2021 Recover by 3 Percent

In April 2020, Mexico saw its lowest light vehicle sales in modern records with only 34,927 units. But in April 2021 sales bounced back with 83,611 units, according to INEGI, a 139.4 percent increase even though data shows that April is usually a low-performing month for the sector.

Aguascalientes Grabs Important Investments in the Auto Sector

Aguascalientes, one of Mexico's safest states, is receiving strong automotive investments. Xinquan started last week the construction of its US$40 million plant, while Bosch will invest US$90 million in its production lines in the state. Local newspapers also point to investments that Aguascalientes is expecting from Continental, Marelli, Fanuc and other companies.

Bosch to Invest US$100 Million in Mexico

The company plans to invest US$100 million in 2021, a 15 percent increase over the previous year. Despite the pandemic, Bosch invested US$87 million in Mexico during 2020, explained René Schlegel, CEO of Bosch Mexico. The investment will be used to create new manufacturing lines and implement new digitization projects.

Alian Plastics: Boosting Production Through Industry 4.0

Felipe Villareal, CEO of Alian Plastics, details the company's experience after working new projects with Tesla and BMW amid the pandemic and how it managed to remain strong thanks to its Industry 4.0 capabilities.

Giant Motors Conquering the EV Market

Elias Massri, CEO of Giant Motors Latinoamerica, shares the company's outstanding results in the BEV segment, since JAC accounted for more than 60 percent of all new BEVs in the country in March.

What Role do Batteries Play in the Cost of an EV?

Batteries are the most expensive component of EVs, accounting for between 20-30 percent of their total cost. Battery prices, however, have been declining over the past few years.

Insurer Zurich México Joins EV100 Initiative

Zurich Group became the first insurance company to join the EV100 initiative and the company’s branch in Mexico announced the purchase of 42 hybrid units for claim adjusters. Zurich México also aims to replace the company’s entire fleet with hybrid vehicles by 2029.

ANALYSIS: Level 5 Autonomy, Still a Long Road Ahead

Autonomous vehicles are not a thing of the future. Different OEMs, from Tesla to BMW, are incorporating automated driving systems into their vehicles. This does not mean the vehicle can already drive itself, however. According to industry regulators, there is no vehicle in the market with the level of autonomy for drivers to relinquish control of the unit. How are these vehicles evolving and what is Mexico’s role in their production and development?

Mobility, Automotive Companies in Time100 Most Influential List

Three mobility-related companies and four automakers ranked in Time100 Most Influential companies in 2021. Learn more about how these companies are influencing their respective segments.

FronterView's Outlook on the Mexican Automotive Industry

Market intelligence firm FrontierView shares its highlights on the Mexican automotive industry, adding that prospects for the sector look “positive despite a slow economic recovery.”

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