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Join the Conversation in Mexico Automotive Summit 2022 Echo

By Rodrigo Andrade | Thu, 07/28/2022 - 13:44

The automotive industry is facing one of the most important shifts in history. Vehicle manufacturers around the world are transforming in response to shifting attitudes to mobility and transportation systems, opening the door to new technologies. However, these changes need both private and public actions, which will also mean new business opportunities. The present and future of the industry will be discussed in depth by key industry leaders during Mexico Automotive Summit 2022 Echo.

The industry is working on bringing digitalization to every part of vehicles, but for decades steel and metal alloys have been the preferred materials for vehicle manufacturing. However, the industry now demands more advanced materials for e-mobility and sustainable manufacturing processes. The sector is also preparing to implement new technologies such as 5G, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

The shift towards electromobility is affecting all regions. In Mexico, the public and private sector have announced numerous decisions involving EVs and hybrid vehicles during recent months. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador committed to have 50 percent of the country’s automotive production focused on electromobility by the year 2030.

However, these goals can be hindered by global supply chain disruptions, which have been a constant in the sector since the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the demand of microprocessors towards electric devices. OEM are still grappling with the lack of this and other essential supplies.

The traditional manufacturing systems are also being challenged. The just-in-time (JIT) production system has been one of the favorite techniques of the automotive industry but its functionality is being questioned because the reliance on the supplier’s timely delivery system has led to continued shutdowns globally.

Moreover, the USMCA is leading providers to focus on nearshoring in Mexico because the country has a strategic location and competitive facilities. These strengths have also made it an attractive destination for foreign direct investment and its export sector keeps growing as foreign companies search to bring production plants closer to their clients in North America.

Mexico Automotive Summit 2022 ECHO will tackle these and other important topics in the industry. This time the event will be hybrid, with one day of in-person conferences and networking opportunities, a second day for online conferences and networking through the AI-powered platform Brella and a third day exclusive for online networking. Join us on September 28-30!

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Rodrigo Andrade Rodrigo Andrade Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst