Keeping Track of Clients Drives Innovation: Omnitracs
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Keeping Track of Clients Drives Innovation: Omnitracs

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José Anaya - Omnitracs México
Country Manager


Q: How does Omnitracs continue to innovate its product portfolio?

A: Our motivation is to innovate constantly to provide the best solutions for our customers. Our goal as a company is to understand what worries our clients and to support them with connected technology solutions. Some customers focus only on safety or security, for instance, but others want a better ROI and more sophisticated solutions. We have a broad portfolio that caters to the needs of different industries thanks to our modular platform.

Q: Security remains an issue on Mexican roads. What is Omnitracs approach to this problem?

A: In Mexico, asset security remains the driver for most of our solutions. Our fleet solutions and security division provide access to a variety of security protocols, which can be customized by the end user to better address their needs. Clients can choose what they need, including door sensors, panic buttons or actuators to decelerate the vehicle or prevent a robbery. These tools have great implications for the client because they can affect the cost of insurance policies and allow our clients to collaborate with local authorities.

It is a major achievement for us and our clients to prevent any single robbery. About 80 percent of truck robberies in Mexico are violent. Our security measures are designed to protect the driver.

Q: How do you use telematics to reduce costs through preventive maintenance?

A: Telematics allow companies to be aware of odd driving patterns. Different monitoring systems and telematics tools allow us to provide timely maintenance to prevent costly damage to the vehicle. Other sensors also prevent fuel robbery and improve road safety. Advanced sensors can even detect erratic driving. Telematics tools also allow companies to detect critical events. These tools helps us and our clients improve the driving ecosystem. Many of our partners give this information back to the OEMs to provide feedback regarding their models.

In Mexico, we are about to launch SmartDrive, which provides monitoring solutions. The system provides early warnings so drivers can improve their performance and the company can keep track of driving patterns to improve their fleet operations. Clients can use our smart platform capabilities and they can also integrate data from internal transportation management systems (TMS) or ERP systems.

Q: Why is defining the right routes so important for a trucking company?

A: Companies should ask themselves what elements are they taking into account to optimize operations and comply with their clients’ needs. We can provide answers related to routes through our routing solutions. Routing tools can be used to analyze historical data and define optimal routes that take into account distance and weight, among other elements.

Q: How did the pandemic impact your business?

A: Omnitracs has the advantage of working for a sector that cannot stop: transportation. However, some industries did reduce their operations while others experienced a sales boom. In both cases, we remained flexible to their needs. Customers want a trustworthy partner that provides solutions to simulate different scenarios and that can design optimal routes and tracking solutions. The industry is constantly changing and clients need tools that allow them to adapt rapidly. The best way to support our customers and innovate is as simple as listening to them and working as a team. The pandemic brought changes but it has also been an immense opportunity.

Q: The market value for vehicle data is forecast to be around US$300 billion by 2030. How is Omnitracs taking advantage of its own data capabilities?

A: The data that our clients provide to our platform is private and confidential. Data privacy is important and established in our contracts. The data used to study trends and patterns in the industry is anonymized and consolidated and no information linked to a particular client can be used. Anonymized information can be used to study the market. We have a specialized team focused on this type of research for the benefit of our customers. This data also allows our clients to generate customized reports and dashboards, for example.

Q: What is the first step for a company that wants to strength its telematics capabilities?

A: The very first recommendation we give potential customers is to have a clear view of their targets and potential ROI. Companies obtain a greater success rate when there is a person responsible for the implementation of the new system. This person must interact with other departments to be aware of all variables and the potential impact of all changes.

Q: What are your strategies toward the Mexican market?

A: Our goal is to continue providing value to our customers and we will continue introducing solutions acquired in the US to Mexico, such as the SmartDrive system. Market practices continue to evolve and we remain up to date by securing assets. We also continue to grow our coverage. We now have satellite communication covering the entire country.


Omnitracs is a mobility and telematics company focused on developing fleet management solutions for different segments. In Mexico, the company takes part in security, efficiency and road safety.

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