Kenworth Launches T680 Next Gen in Mexico
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Kenworth Launches T680 Next Gen in Mexico

Photo by:   Pixabay, geralt
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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/04/2022 - 16:10

Kenworth announced the release of the Kenworth T680 Next Gen, an environmentally friendly truck designed to optimize performance in long distance operations. Although Kenworth experienced uncertainty during the first months of 2022, the brand closed March 2022 with positive results and aims to strengthen its position in the market.


“The Kenworth T680 Next Gen is total evolution, it allows fluent road displacement thanks to its innovative and integral design,” reported Kenworth.


The brand-new Kenworth T680 Next Gen is available with a Cummins X15 or a PACCAR MX-13 motor. The latter makes fuel consumption and power more efficient and is only available in Mexico. The T680 Next Gen also has TruckTech Plus technology, which allows internal problems to be identified on time. The truck is made out of durable components that do not require continuous maintenance and has LED lights that will increase visibility while driving, a fully programmable digital screen and Smart Wheel technology to provide a safe and intuitive drive.


Although Kenworth experienced production and distribution challenges at the beginning of 2022, it is recovering thanks to internal innovation and alliances, such as Soriana’s acquisition of 40 Kenworth units. “In Kenworth we are aware that transportation is an important part of the total cost of logistics of big companies. This is the reason why our proposal value and our solid post-sale support will be allies of Soriana’s operations,” said Rodolfo Villarreal, Director, Kenworth Tractor Trucks


Within next few months, Kenworth will boost its medium rank vehicles and aims to commercialize about 200 boring trucks in Mexico, of which it received its first KW55 boring trucks fleet from the UK. While the company has been facing some manufacturing challenges during the past few months, it expects better results as supply chains stabilize.


“The recovery of suppliers has not been easy, however, the inertia achieved during the last few weeks has allowed a better perspective for production,” said Luis Reyes, Commercial Director, Kenworth, to TyT.


In Feb. 2022, Mexico reported an annual variation of 31.5 percent in heavy vehicles exports and a 41 percent annual variation in production, according to INEGI. Mexico is the top exporter of tractor trucks, the fourth-largest heavy-duty truck producer, the 10th-largest producer of buses and the fifth-largest heavy-vehicle manufacturer worldwide, said Miguel Elizalde, President, ANPACT, to MBN.  


Photo by:   Pixabay, geralt

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