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Key to Thriving in the Automotive Industry Is Adaptability

Víctor Solís - Yushiro
Mexico Sales Manager


Héctor Soto By Héctor Soto | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 09/28/2023 - 09:55

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Q: What is the unique value proposition that Yushiro offers to its customers in the automotive industry?

A: Yushiro provides personalized services, creating tailor-made chemical formulations for our customers. When a customer approaches us, we analyze their requirements to create the product they need. If we do not have an existing product that fits their purpose we can develop a new one, which sets us apart from competitors that may only have predefined product lines. We have the capability to develop specific formulations for each customer's needs.

Q: What are the main challenges your customers in the automotive sector face and how do you help them overcome these hurdles?

A: One of the main challenges is adapting to the speed of change in the industry, especially with the growth of electric vehicles and increased production demands. We maintain direct communication with our customers, allowing us to respond promptly to their needs. We also rapidly adapted to new quality and sustainability standards. We have environmental certifications to ensure our products are safe and environmentally sustainable.

Q: What sustainability initiatives or research efforts has Yushiro undertaken to align with evolving environmental standards?

A: Our strategy is to seek environmentally friendly formulations. We look for suppliers and products that meet sustainability standards and invest in R&D in Mexico, the US and Japan to evaluate suppliers and products. We do not work with products that could harm the environment. We want to offer our customers products that are favorable for both their production and the environment.

Q: How does this commitment to research benefit your customers and contribute to industry advancements?

A: Our motto is "Mutual Progress." We maintain a close relationship with customers, collaborating on projects and developing customized products. We work with major manufacturers like Nissan and Mazda to develop complex parts and support their new projects. We also share knowledge and products with smaller companies in Mexico, helping them compete in the automotive industry. This strengthens the industry as a whole.

Q: How do you stay up-to-date and prepared for the changing needs of the automotive industry?

A: We maintain close communication with our suppliers and customers to stay informed about new needs. We develop durable products that extend the lifespan of machines and tools, saving costs for our customers. We also implement continuous improvements in our company, allowing us to offer updated and efficient solutions.

Q: In which research areas is Yushiro focusing?

A: We are looking for more durable products that extend the lifespan of tools and machines used in production. We are also developing products that adapt to the changing trends in the automotive industry, such as electric vehicles. The key is to prioritize quality, environmental considerations and our customers' investments.

Q: What are the company’s goals for the near term?

A: We anticipate significant growth in the northern region of Mexico due to the arrival of automakers like Tesla. We are also witnessing the recovery of the automotive industry after the challenges posed by the pandemic. For 2024, we plan to divide our efforts between the electric vehicle sector and the aerospace sector. We aim to continue growing and collaborating with our customers and partners.

The automotive industry is constantly growing and it is essential to be prepared and connected to seize all opportunities. We value customer satisfaction and are committed to quality, sustainability and respect for our customers and suppliers.

Photo by:   Victor Solis

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