Kronos Intouch

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 11:26

Gone are the days of punching in and out of work with archaic time clocks and cards. The Kronos InTouch employee interface is a significantly updated, digital version of this invention, with the added ability of controlling labor costs, minimizing compliance risks, and increasing productivity within a company. Kronos InTouch is used in tens of thousands of companies across 100 countries to control attendance and scheduling, as well as offering features for absence administration, time management, and workforce analysis. Employees can also use the interface to check remaining vacation time, ask for time off, and check scheduling, meaning that management spends less time on administrative tasks related to human resources.

The InTouch terminal contains a seven-inch, interactive, resistant touchscreen with a multicolor LED indicator, a speaker, and a microphone. Integrated into the terminal are various card readers designed for compatibility with barcodes, magnetic strips, and smart cards. Urgent notifications can be provided upon access to the interface and biometric technology ensures that no fraudulent transactions can be carried out. The system can be configured in a variety of languages and has integrated backup generators to ensure that it remains functional in the event of a power cut. The equipment is also durable enough to withstand impact, meaning it can be used in a wide range of environments. The system has 2GB of flash memory, 512MB of RAM, and is capable of connecting with the cloud. Data is well-protected by SSL encryption that also allows for remote access. Its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) support system allows operators to quickly report any system issues, before a representative logs in to fix the problem. The software also has facilities for showing video messages, meaning that corporate messages can be conveyed directly to staff through the terminal. Furthermore, companies can choose either the standard, built-in features or personalize the software to suit their individual needs.

Operating with an integrated Ethernet power source with both an internal and external transformer, the functioning temperature of the system is 0-40°C, but it can be stored at temperatures ranging from -20-70°C. Additionally, humidity levels can reach 10-95% without causing condensation in the terminal. With a shell made from ABS polycarbonate resistant resin, the terminal weighs just 2.26kg, and optional features include biometric components for touch ID, a direct CA cable, a reserve battery, and a Wi-Fi adaptor. Kronos integrates with all platforms for supply chain solutions and is certified by certain vendors, particularly SAP and Oracle.

Despite its variety of features, the system is easy to operate and training and tools are both provided to Kronos customers. Companies can also create training plans to increase the productivity of each employee, which Kronos can then monitor to provide a visual representation of that training’s value. All of these factors have been found by the company to reduce absenteeism, streamline administrative processes, optimize resources, reduce the likelihood of human error, increase job satisfaction, and streamline costs, resulting in untold benefits for both employers and employees in the industry.