Mayra González
President and Managing Director
Nissan Mexicana
View from the Top

Leaving Comfort Zone to be Innovative, Emotive

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 12:28

Q: What main factors have allowed Nissan and other Japanese companies to gain a strong foothold in Mexico?

A: Japanese companies have found Mexico to be a strategic partner and a second home. Though Japanese by origin, Nissan is a Mexican competitor with over 53 years in the market. Quality is another factor that has given Nissan an additional advantage over competitors.
Nissan vehicles are synonymous of quality, durability and reliability and that has been one of our main differentiators to establish ourselves as sales leader in the country for nine consecutive years. That being said, we are now expanding this mindset by giving innovation and emotion much bigger roles in our corporate image and products. We are present in most market segments and each of our vehicles, from March to Kicks to GT-R, offers its own version of technology, innovation and emotion along with quality and reliability.
Q: What is the “wow” factor that will ensure the brand’s continued growth?

A: Our strategy of innovation and emotion has been a continuous process that started with the launch of GT-R and Nissan Motorsports (NISMO). We have also made advances beyond our high-performance segment, including the development of the hybrid version of X-Trail launched in 2017 and the second generation of our fullelectric LEAF model launched in the end of summer 2018. We are renewing our entire lineup and we also have new releases. Murano, for example, was officially launched on June 18, 2018. This model will crown and complement our SUV lineup, which is the sector with the most dynamic development in the country.
Q: What are Nissan’s strategies to maintain its leadership in the market after a slight decrease in market share?

A: The market is reaching a stabilization period and the challenge for Nissan was greater after halting production of Tsuru, which was a representative model and sales leader for the brand in Mexico for over 30 years. Tsuru gave much to Nissan and to Mexico and we ended its production after 2.4 million units sold. We also announced Tiida’s exit from the market, so it was no surprise to see a decrease in market share. This was a necessary step to take the company to the next level and to implement the concept of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, our vision toward a zero-emissions and zero-accidents future. Tsuru fulfilled its purpose and now we are betting on new models such as GT-R, Murano and X-Trail in its hybrid version, as well as special editions such as Kicks Dark Light, a commemorative edition that reflects our sponsorship with the Star Wars franchise.

Q: What are your expectations for the development of the domestic market?

A: The domestic market grew to almost twice its size since 2009. Since then, the industry grew nonstop and is naturally reaching its peak. This is not a crisis, only an adjustment, and competition will only make us stronger as a country. The industry will continue adjusting until it reaches its optimal point although the government should keep offering incentives to strengthen the market further. From our side, we are fully committed to working with the government to make the country the automotive powerhouse it should be. The industry might not grow in the short term, especially considering the challenges related to an election year, but it can maintain its current levels.

Q: How are you facing the competition of new arrivals from Korea and China?

A: The arrival of more competitors has forced us to improve our technology and deliver more quickly on our promise of innovation and emotion. New brands will arrive with new products and they will naturally grow until they reach their stabilization point. Nissan has more than 53 years in the market; we have watched every brand arrive and we understand that we must work to retain our position in the market.