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Luxury Cars Sales Stagnant in Mexico: Maserati

By Antonio Gozain | Fri, 08/13/2021 - 11:04

Luxury cars sales, as well as light-vehicle sales, are stagnant in Mexico, according to David Zambrano, Operations Manager of Italian automaker Maserati. Despite this crisis and the supplies shortage, Zambrano said that both his company and the entire market will recover in 2H2021.

In 1H2021, Maserati sold 30 vehicles in the Mexican market, 10 less than its target. However, Maserati remains confident that the goal of selling 80 units in 2021 is still reachable, but the automaker will have to sell at least 10 vehicles per month between August and December to do so.

Zambrano attributed the stagnant sales to three main factors: the COVID-19 pandemic, the semiconductor chips shortage and the economic difficulties Mexico lives in. “In general terms, the automotive industry has actually had some declines and yes, we can speak of some kind of stagnation. There is a considerable drop in sales,” he said in press conference and added another factor that worsens the sales decrease in Mexico: “General security issues in the country do not help things flow as they should.”

Zambrano said that he is aware that the harsh 1H2021 also hit the Mexican automotive industry and every automaker in the world. Car assembly dropped by 26.5 percent in July to 221,843 light vehicles, its worst level in the last 14 months, reported MBN.

Maserati’s confidence to recover and reach its goals for 2H2021 has to do with the opportunity that year-ends bring to most industry sectors, including automotive. However, Zambrano acknowledged that the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic will play a key role in the second half of the year.

“Strong times for the automotive industry and other industries are coming. The year-ends are usually good times, let us hope that this new COVID-19 wave does not affect us. We are working hard to ensure that during this 2H2021, or these last five months left in the year, we can generate a positive number to recover what was lost in 1H2021,” he said.

Maserati to Go Hybrid

Following the sales numbers presentation, Maserati presented its new “C-Level” Line, which consists in two models: Ghibli and Levante, both in hybrid versions.

Guillermo Ordóñez, Marketing Director of Maserati, revealed the prices for the company’s new models: MX$1.7 million (US$85,000) for the Ghibli MHEV C-Level and MX$1.9 million (US$95,000) for the Levante MHEV C-Level.

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