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Major Automotive Players Turn to Mexico

By Sofía Garduño | Wed, 06/15/2022 - 11:59

APTIV recently opened its sixth plant in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and JATCO aims to expand its operations in Aguascalientes. Additionally, representatives of Jalisco announced the closing of deals with several automotive companies in Hannover Messe.

Meanwhile, technology continues to transform the automotive sector, as automakers increasingly invest in infotainment technology and digital dashboards. However, this trend is also raising concerns about security threats these technologies pose to drivers.

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Hyundai to Pilot Autonomous Car-Hailing Service

Hyundai will use its IONIQ5 battery electric vehicles (BEV) to pilot a RoboRide car-hailing service. The automaker will develop a level 4 autonomous driving technology based on the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), developed internally. The Pilot RoboRide will be the first robotaxi to operate in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2019, Hyundai has worked with Seoul’s government to establish a system that connects traffic signals with autonomous vehicles. Read the full story here.


APTIV Opens Sixth Plant in Nuevo Laredo

APTIV is investing US$52.3 million in its third assembly plant in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The project will generate over 2,517 jobs. “Plants here have been winning internal production awards for three consecutive years; this is the result of the great performance they have shown,” said Arturo Álvarez, Chairman, APTIV Latin America. Meanwhile, the company will also open a new plant in Coahuila, Saltillo, which will focus on producing electric harnesses for the automotive industry. Learn more about APTIV’s expansion in Mexico here.


JATCO to Increase Operations at Aguascalientes Plant

JATCO has developed a strong relationship with the government of Aguascalientes. Due to its success in the state, JATCO aims to expand its mass production sites in Aguascalientes and other cities in Mexico and the US. “As of April 2022, we have about 4,098 associates in Mexico. From 2003 to 2020, we produced 15 million units. In terms of recent introductions to Mexico, we now have the CVT-X (AXO) for the Rogue, X-Trail and the Kadjar vehicles and the CVT-X (CBO) for the Kicks and Sentra models,” said Tomoaki Inoue, President, JATCO Mexico, to MBN.


Infotainment Technology to Change OEMs’ Business Model

OEMs are implementing in-vehicle infotainment systems and digital dashboards to change their business models. These electronic developments have been possible thanks to technology from non-automotive companies. However, the growth of infotainment technology and digital dashboards has raised privacy concerns since automakers collect data on vehicles and the people driving them. Learn more about this topic here.


 Agreements at Hannover Messe will Bring Investment to Jalisco

During Hannover Messe, representatives from Jalisco made several accords to bring industrial projects and investments from Brazil, Germany and the US, recently said Xavier Orendáin de Obeso, General Strategic Coordinator of Growth and Economic Development of Jalisco. CISCO, Schaeffler Technologies, IBG Automation and Bosch are some of the companies that will create strategic alliances with this state. “Our stand in Hannover was a public-private participation, showing that this alliance between businessmen, between the productive sector and the government, bears fruit and transcends borders,” said Orendáin. Read more about these investments here.


Despite Automation, Uniforms will Remain Essential: Lavartex

Digitalization and technology are decreasing the number of people in manufacturing plants as every process is becoming more automated. Nonetheless, the textile industry and uniforms will still be essential, said José Luis Jacques, CEO, Lavartex. Learn more about his insights here.



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