Manufacturing Meets Innovation

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 15:35

In the fast-paced environment of the automotive industry, a company cannot hold its leading position without offering added value to its clients. Founded in 1979, MACIMEX is among the largest independent crankshaft manufacturers in the world. The company’s two manufacturing plants are strategically located close to Mexico’s original automotive clusters, one in the Tenango Del Valle area in State of Mexico, only 45 minutes west of Mexico City, and the other in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila. Together, the facilities can meet the requirements of MACIMEX’s customers in Mexico, Canada and the US.

For more than 38 years, MACIMEX has served global OEM’s in the automotive, agricultural, recreational and off-highway industries, delivering approximately 28 million crankshafts. The company’s expertise allows the company to deliver highperformance components under low or high-volume annual demand requirements, machined from cast and forged raw material, spanning a full engine range from one to eightcylinder configurations.

MACIMEX’s high-precision machining and technical capabilities include internal and external milling, gear-shaping, auto-balancing and lightening and central thru-hole drilling. The company can also perform special processes such as induction hardening and plasma nitriding. Its manufacturing sites also include advanced production equipment such as automated assembly cells, state-of-the-art CBN grinders, seven-axis machining centers, as well as high-pressure and ultrasonic washers.

Beyond manufacturing, MACIMEX has evolved in its operations to the point of becoming a strategic engineering and product development partner for its customers. “We are not only fostering product improvement initiatives but also looking for ways to improve manufacturing results and new materials development,” says José Canales, CEO of MACIMEX.

The company’s Research, Innovation & Advance Development Center (Centro I2DEAS) allows it to convert its technical manufacturing capabilities into highly skilled and experienced operations capable of satisfying all its customers’ needs, from crankshaft prototyping requirements to high-performance and up to 300,000 annual-unit production requirements. “Our philosophy is to be at the forefront of technical advances in the field of complex precision machining and heat-treatment processes, thus allowing our company to become a highly competitive partner to our customer base,” says Canales.