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Masare Motors: Raising Awareness Is Necessary For Electrification

By Alejandro Enríquez | Fri, 09/25/2020 - 07:00

Q: What added value does Masare Motors’ business model provide?

A: Masare Motors was born out of the need of automotive dealerships in the Coahuila-Nuevo Leon-Tamaulipas region to boost digital sales and sales of low-emission vehicles, including electric and hybrid units generating below 120g of carbon. We started our venture with premium brands like Tesla and continued with volume brands like Toyota. Once we were recognized as a green-vehicle dealership due to our good performance, we decided to develop digital sales strategies as an external management partner for different dealership groups.

Our short-term goal is to increase the number of dealerships we support in the country, particularly in the central and southern region. We create trust among brand managers. For instance, the Toyota brand in one region can benefit from the stock availability belonging to another dealership group in another region. Masare Motors helps these dealerships relocate their stock.

Training of dealership managers in areas such as online channels like Mercado Libre, for instance, is essential in the move to digital. There are different tools managers should be aware of to take advantage of digital sales. Our mission is to help and to connect and we have been really successful in this regard.

Q: What are the common myths surrounding green vehicles?

A: One myth is that electric vehicles belong to the premium market. That is not necessarily true. Brands like JAC or Nissan are introducing more affordable electric vehicle options to compete with Tesla. Around 25 brands are targeting consumers interested in low emissions, a different kind of vehicle or a more efficient driving experience through their electric, hybrid (plug-in and battery) and low-emission vehicle offering.

Masare Motors generates awareness of the potential benefits of these kinds of vehicles. There are many options to acquire electric vehicles, from leasing to financing. Hybrid models are the entry option but if that is out of range, there are also low-emission vehicles with an ecological ICE. This is a long-term relationship and the key is to correctly identify the audience.

Q: To what extent are companies betting on renewing their fleets with green vehicles?

A: In Monterrey, one of our success stories is with CEMEX, which is replacing part of its fleet with hybrid vehicles. Companies across different sectors are focusing on green vehicles, as well. We strongly advise potential customers to change their traditional vehicles, such as Versa or Yaris, for a Prius or other models. These vehicles save resources, improve the company’s approach toward sustainability and also provide some tax benefits.

Q: What are the challenges regarding charging infrastructure?

A: Customers buying electric vehicles also buy the necessary installation for their homes. We also have partnerships with energy companies to adequate their electric installation if necessary. As for charging infrastructure in the northwest part of the country, it is not a problem. Many of our customers drive from Monterrey to Houston or San Antonio in their electric vehicles. However, there is a great opportunity for charging infrastructure to be further developed in the southern part of the country.

Companies are interested in deploying this technology. Real state developers are also adding electric chargers to their offering, mainly in malls. In fact, in the Monterrey area, this had a considerable influence on the development of the EV market, particularly for Tesla. Since Tesla’s arrival, dealerships are losing the fear of displaying EVs in their showrooms. Mexican EV brands, such as Zacua or VUHL, have also attracted interest in our region. Still, creating brand awareness is essential.

Q: What is the goal of Masare Motors’ ambassador program?

A: As part of our awareness strategy, we have an ambassador program in which different people, from salespeople to owners, can contribute to creating a dynamic content network as part of the Masare Motors community. Sustainable mobility is essential for our future, particularly for younger generations.

Companies should be betting on the younger generations. We should be trying to inspire both high-school and junior-high students to become part of the design and engineering ecosystem in Mexico. This country has a great deal of resources, including human talent. One of our ambassadors is a Mexican engineer who designed components for Toyota and now he is in Italy designing for FIAT. Why does this level of talent have to leave the country? Companies should invest in R&D operations, and Mexico has everything it needs to be competitive in this regard. Zacua is the clearest example of this effort to consolidate the Mexican footprint in sustainable vehicle technologies. I do want to stress the strategic importance of creating trainee programs for young professionals so they can develop their career while strengthening companies’ capabilities. The talent of younger generations will define the industry 10 years from now.

Q: What is the customer profile of a green-vehicle owner?

A: There is no specific age range for our customers. We have clients as young as 18 years old and as old as 60 or above. More than a profile, it comes down to a genuine interest in the technologies. For instance, we have a customer who ordered three Tesla Cybertrucks. We introduced him to Zacua vehicles and he loved them. Gradually, the potential customer base is increasing in the country, from young generations who want to promote electric mobility to middle-aged men who instead of purchasing a luxury model prefer a sophisticated electric vehicle.

Q: What have been Masare Motors’ strategies to overcome the pandemic?

A: Our strategy was networking. Some of our customers have faced difficulties embracing digital channels. A year ago, some of the dealerships we approached were confident in their traditional sales performance. After the pandemic, that mindset changed entirely. They have now approached us to train their salesforce and design digital strategies, among other aspects of their business. Our success stories include dealerships that have increased their sales despite the effects of the pandemic. For us, these times have been a great opportunity to deliver good results.


Masare Motors is a Mexican company focused on trading green vehicles, as well as strengthening dealership sales capabilities through training, digital sales strategies and stock relocation

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