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Mercedes-Benz Buses Offers Extended Warranties

By Sofía Garduño | Thu, 07/14/2022 - 17:11

Mercedes-Benz Buses is offering an extended warranty service to each customer that acquires a new bus. This warranty protects the chassis and can help customers save up to 46 percent after an unpredicted event.


“Our extended warranty program strengthens our commitment to maintain our units in the best operating conditions, take care of our client’s businesses and generate savings for them from the purchase of the bus throughout its useful life,” said Agustín Juárez, Post-Sales Director, Mercedes-Benz Buses.


This service extends the basic engine or powertrain warranty for an additional period of time according to each guarantee policy. The extended warranty applies to all models of urban, suburban, foreign and BRT buses. Through the extended warranty, the brand protects the client’s investment, offering extended coverage, support and service in any of its 80 authorized centers across Mexico. With the extended warranty, Mercedes-Benz handles any damage the unit might incur. The only requirement to access this service is that the unit has to be purchased through an authorized Mercedes-Benz Buses dealer or through direct sales.


“These options offered by Mercedes-Benz Buses are designed with customer requirements in mind, since it knows the importance of providing a quality service and supporting the operations of bus drivers, fleet owners and passengers,” says Mercedes-Benz Buses.


The extended warranty offers a unique value for both dealers and their final clients, said Felipe Sanchez, President, Assurant Mexico, to MBN. The automobile extended warranty market is forecasted to reach US$60.82 billion by 2030. This market is being forced to adapt to the shift toward hybrid and electric vehicles, which represents a major challenge because these vehicles have certain components that can be expensive to replace or repair and must be considered under tailor-made warranties.


The COVID-19 pandemic, the shortage of chips, the popularization of the used car market and new-car inventory have boosted the growth of the extended warranty market, said Israel Escutia, CEO, GarantiPLUS Mexico, to MBN. Nonetheless, the insurance industry still has minimal penetration in Mexico. The entire insurance industry does not account for even 3 percent of Mexico’s GDP but the pandemic increased people’s appreciation for the goods they buy, according to Sánchez.


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