Mercedes-Benz Paradiso 1350

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 21:58

Ahead of embarking on a long trip, the top passenger priority is comfort. Mercedes-Benz goes the extra mile with the Paradiso 1350 bus so both passengers and driver can look forward to their time onboard.

The bus features an innovative and aerodynamic design on the outside with a modern, comfortable and sophisticated look on the inside. The Paradiso 1350 has 50 executive-class seats measuring 106cm by 43.5cm, with soft Marcopolo finishes, foot and arm rests for both aisle and window seats and magazine holders.

For drivers, the key touches include an Isringhausen 5000 385-HUN65 hydraulic seat and full thermo- acoustic isolation of the engine compartment, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant drive. There is also a cabin for an additional driver. Passengers can enjoy the four 15-inch flat-screen monitors while the infotainment system includes AM-FM radio, a CD and DVD player, USB connection and an interphone between the operator and the cabin. The bus is LED illuminated including blue nighttime LED lights on the upper luggage compartments. Paradiso’s exterior features LED headlights and two additional fog lights.

For a smooth ride, the 1350 is equipped with an OM 457 LA six-cylinder engine capable of producing 428hp at 2,000rpms and torque of 2,100Nm at 1,100rpms. Mercedes-Benz included a ZF ASTRONIC 12-speed automatic transmission and a ZF 8098 hydraulic steering system for efficient handling. The chassis’ front axle is a ZF RL-75/E with a load capacity of 7,100kg. This is supported by an auxiliary ZF RL-75/EC axle with 5,750kg payload and a rear Mercedes-Benz MB HO 6/6 DCL(s)-13 axle that can carry 12,000kg.

The Paradiso’s front pneumatic suspension has two airbags and two high-performance, double-action telescopic shock absorbers coupled with a similar auxiliary system and a rear suspension with four airbags and four high-performance, double-action shock absorbers. Both the front and rear suspension have stabilizing bars to support the chassis. Although it is performance-driven, the coach manufacturer kept the environment in mind. The bus is Euro V compliant and features three modular 200-liter fuel tanks over the rear axle, plus a 59-liter AdBlue diesel-exhaust fluid tank to improve its fuel efficiency.