Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 15:59

Big is the first word that comes to mind after seeing the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Luxurious and powerful are close seconds. This is unsurprising considering the multipurpose vehicle (MPV) is 1.92m wide, 1.88m tall and 5.14m long. Its large dimensions pay off, providing a comfortable space for passengers and significant room for everything else.

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Its appearance helps the V-Class define new standards by introducing driver assistance tools and technologies, alongside its powerful engine.

The V-Class can adapt to any load, road and destination. It incorporates features to optimize space such as an independent rear window and two loading planes, facilitating cargo loading and unloading. The V-Class is in line with Mercedes-Benz technology and standards of comfort. By including COMMAND Online, the vehicle has Internet access, a versatile navigation tool, radio and phone connection.

The Live Traffic Information system helps drivers easily find the most efficient route. Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Drive supports operators and facilitates parking operations and difficult maneuvers. Through the Collision Prevention Assist the vehicle will use optical signals to prevent impacts by warning drivers of objects close to them. The V-Class can also measure the distance between vehicles to optimize braking power. All of this adds up to a hightechnology machine that protects passengers, acting as a right-hand man for the driver.

For passengers, it offers multiple seat configurations. The MPV also can be enhanced with optional features including a panoramic roof, two iPad holders in the rear, LED-illuminated thermo-cup holders and rear-seat air conditioning.

There are two versions available, the V220d and the V250. The V220 model incorporates an OM651 diesel engine compliant with Euro 4 regulations. It offers an output of 163hp, reaching a maximum 195km/h and releases an average 168.07g/km of CO2 fully complying with the Euro 4 Class III regulations on fuel consumption. On the other hand, the V250 has a M274 gasoline, Euro 5 compliant engine with 211hp, a maximum speed of 200km/h and an average of 191.64g/km CO2 emissions.