Metalsa Inaugurates its Second Largest Facility in Mexico
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Metalsa Inaugurates its Second Largest Facility in Mexico

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Reneé Lerma By Reneé Lerma | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 08/11/2023 - 14:59

Guanajuato is now home to Metalsa's second-largest plant in Mexico, which is located in Apaseo el Grande.

With a US$180 million investment and a target of producing 308,000 chassis per year, Metalsa will create 1,044 new jobs while supporting Toyota's new Tacoma production. The company ensures timely deliveries to Toyota's Guanajuato facility and maintains a consistent flow of shipments to Toyota Baja California, which manufactures chassis for the Tacoma model. This involves shipping about 10 chassis per truckload every 16 minutes.

Metalsa has numerous facilities across eight countries, boasting a workforce exceeding 13,000 dedicated individuals. As a fully Mexican company and a member of the Proeza group established in 1956, Metalsa stands as a top-tier global automotive supplier.

“Our commitment to the environment was highlighted during the [plant’s inauguration], since in addition to being one of Metalsa’s first manufacturing plants with zero emissions from mobile equipment, as 100% of material handling is operated with electrical equipment, we planted 9,000 species of cactus, 2,500 mesquites and palo blanco trees; also, the facility has a wastewater, industrial and sanitary treatment plant, as part of our responsibility with society,” says Metalsa.

The plant incorporates Industry 4.0 technological advances, including automation, artificial intelligence and reconfigurability. Noteworthy features include a 5,185m2 component warehouse and dual assembly lines. These enhancements not only improve operational efficiency and resource conservation but also facilitate just-in-time deliveries, strengthening the streamlined supply chain for Toyota's Mexican plants.

The facility is integrated into the network of 13 manufacturing sites spanning Mexico, the US, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, India and China. It will use electric machinery for material handling and features a wastewater treatment plant catering to both industrial and sanitary needs.

Gonzalo Hernández Hernández, President, Association of Companies in the Industrial Zone of Apaseo el Grande, tells La Silla Rota that the company's arrival will generate new jobs for the Municipality. "These are significant actions that are enhancing Guanajuato and, of course, the Bajío region. This will greatly assist us in job creation," says Hernández. He adds that the company's establishment in Apaseo could benefit other manufacturers in the state, such as Mazda.

Photo by:   Unsplash

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