Mexico: Attractive Market for the Automotive Industry
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Mexico: Attractive Market for the Automotive Industry

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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 06/01/2022 - 10:09

Automotive companies continue to bet on Mexico. BMW will start to produce the BMW 3 Series Sedan and the iX3 electric crossover at its San Luis Potosi plant. ZKW Group started the construction of an expansion to its plant in Guanajuato. Meanwhile, Nissan has found a welcoming market in Mexico and is currently celebrating the 65th anniversary of its CIVAC plant.


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Ford Joins the First Movers Coalition

Ford announced that it will boost innovative technologies through its affiliation to the First Movers Coalition. Ford has committed to invest over US$50 billion between 2022 and 2026 for the development of electric vehicles and their batteries. The investment aims to generate new jobs and a more sustainable supply chain. Learn more about Ford’s sustainability strategies here.


Nissan Celebrates 56 Years in Mexico

Nissan is celebrating the 56th anniversary of its CIVAC plant, which opened in May 1966. This is Nissan’s first production plant outside of Japan and the one that set the standard for automotive manufacturers that have arrived in Mexico since then. “We pride ourselves in celebrating the beginning of a long trajectory in the country, based on innovation, research, commitments and production of vehicles with the highest quality standards,” said Joan Busquets, Vice President, Nissan Mexicana. Read the full article here.


BMW to Produce EVs in Mexico

Aside from the BMW Series 3, the BMW Series 2 Coupé and the second generation of the M2, the automaker will start production of electric models at its San Luis Potosi plant in 2027. “Mexico will play an important role in our complete setup. At some point in time, you will see X models (being produced in the country) because the market demand is so high,” said Oliver Zipse, CEO, BMW. Read more about BMW’s operations in Mexico.


Cybersecurity is Essential to Protect Drivers

The Kaspersky Connected Apps report shows that over half of the third-party mobile applications, that control vehicle features use owners’ credentials without asking for consent. The Kaspersky’s report says that over 50 percent of app developers do not warn users of the risks of handing over their accounts. The applications analyzed in the report cover major vehicle brands such as Tesla and Nissan. Third-party applications have shown a high number of downloads as the majority of them are free. Learn about the threats that the use of third-party applications poses to users.  


Supply Chain Resiliency to Achieve a Dual Transformation

After the pandemic, the Mexican manufacturing industry must focus on generating supply chain resilience to face the upcoming challenges and achieve a dual transformation, says KPMG. “Companies are facing risks during these times. Market, customer, product and service diversification is essential to keep growing and to overcome the global economic crisis. Manufacturing is not immune to this challenge. There is still a long way to go and while the road may be taxing, it will also bring great opportunities for those who make the right decisions,” says Mario Hernández, Head of the IMMEX Segment, KPMG México. Read the full article here.


ZKW Starts Construction of Its Plant’s Third Expansion

ZKW Group started the construction of its plant’s third expansion in Guanajuato. On May 20, 2022, the Austrian company laid the cornerstone for a new facility where it will build headlamps and center lamps for BMW, Ford and GM EVs and SUVs. The company expects the new investment to total US$255 million in a period of three more years. Learn more about the upcoming plant here.


Photo by:   MBN

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