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Mexico to Benefit from Global Supply Chain Reorganization

Arturo Zavala - ZEISS Méxcio
National Sales Manager


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 12/20/2022 - 10:33

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Q: What are the main priorities for ZEISS México regarding sales?

A: ZEISS México aims to be as close to customers as possible. Presence is key for us as well as having deep knowledge and understanding of our customers’ applications and needs. We are about to open a new quality center in Tijuana that will increase our presence in Baja California and provide a space for our clients to learn more about ZEISS’ technology.

We will continue taking advantage of ZEISS’ solutions portfolio, which is expanding on a daily basis and allows us to offer complete solutions to our customers. For example, the combination of X-ray and tomography equipment with microscopy and coordinate-measuring machines (CMM) adds great value during the manufacturing of aluminum structures and batteries for EVs.

Q: How does ZEISS decide in which industries and states it should invest?

A: ZEISS México leverages its well-connected global network to learn and turn global opportunities into local opportunities. We work closely with partners in market intelligence, identifying new trends and opportunities. In addition, we build alliances with organizations, institutions and clusters within the medical devices, plastics and automotive industries, which enable us to access new clients.

Q: What strategies does ZEISS México implement to retain clients?

A: We work on two fronts, both related to customer experience. ZEISS México is obsessed with improving customer experience for new and recurring customers, providing them with diverse channels of contact with ZEISS.

ZEISS México also invests in customer service every year. In addition to the technology and quality, the support and attention the brand provides to clients has been a leading differentiator for ZEISS México.

Q: How does ZEISS provide unique added value through its complimentary Smart Services tool?

A: ZEISS México always seeks to offer greater value. Our Smart Services tool allows customers to receive relevant information about their equipment in real time, including detailed information on general operations, alerts, changes in temperature, wear of parts and other variables. The client can integrate this data into their processes and make appropriate decisions to optimize the use of the equipment. We are offering this solution free of charge to our customers.

Q: In the current digital sales environment, how does ZEISS take advantage of its online tools?

A: ZEISS México has multiple digital touch points for customers and we are working to implement more. We have an online store that allows customers to access information. Online purchases are not available yet but the platform provides the customer with product information.

We also take advantage of our online platform to provide webinars, online promotional activities, courses and training, both recorded and live. This allows ZEISS to be close to the customer 24/7. In the near future, it will be possible to make purchases online according to the current demands that online purchases require, from agility to security and transparency.

Q: How did ZEISS México perform in 2022?

A: It has been a year of double-digit growth in terms of sales and we reached several milestones and objectives. The market has recovered rapidly from the pandemic and ZEISS has been able to take advantage of this development. This growth allows us to continue investing, especially in personnel for our customer support area, which is so important to us. Customers in Mexico expect a great deal of support from a technology company. We have the best trained staff in Mexico.

Q: How is ZEISS México working to take advantage of the nearshoring boom?

A: For ZEISS México, our global network is essential to identifying and targeting new investment opportunities. Several companies are looking to establish themselves in the country and it is likely that ZEISS worked with them somewhere else in the world or that we are currently involved with them. This allows information to flow, allowing us to identify opportunities and build multiregional teams, which come together to offer comprehensive, joint solutions to clients.

Q: You have worked at ZEISS México for over 15 years. What is the main strength of the company?

A: ZEISS has worked hard to consolidate its commercial and technical forces, focusing on having highly-trained experts in products and in the needs of our customers. This is one of the main characteristics that has allowed ZEISS to be successful: offering solutions for real needs. The high level of training and expertise of ZEISS Mexico employees and partners network is the key to our success.

Q: What role will ZEISS’s technologies play in the world’s transition to the metaverse?

A: ZEISS plays a major role in the digital world and the metaverse. The first step when converting an object from the real world to the digital world is measuring data. Metrology is essential for the metaverse and ZEISS is an expert in metrology. We are becoming an increasingly crucial player in this digitization process and the metaverse.

Q: What are ZEISS México’s priorities for 2023?

A: In 2023, ZEISS México will focus on continuing to identify and take advantage of the investment opportunities that are taking place in the current environment, such as the reorganization of global supply chains that has benefited Mexico.

On the other hand, in 2023, we seek to approach industries where historically ZEISS has not had as much presence in Mexico, such as healthcare and aerospace. Our global network allows us to apply our expertise to the Mexican market, which is hungry for innovation. These two sectors are complicated and highly regulated but our responsibility is to help them innovate by accompanying them in the switch to new technologies and allowing them to capitalize on our products.





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