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Mexico Sees Mobility Investments, Recovery Strategies

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Wed, 03/31/2021 - 14:59

This week, President and CEO of Hyundai Mexico, Claudia Márquez, addressed the trends the automotive industry can expect in the future. Also, Mexican cities are investing in technology to improve mobility. In sadder news, Mexico dropped a rank in the OICA’s 2020 global vehicle manufacturing survey. 

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Mexico Drops to Seventh Place in Global Car Production

Mexico used to be the world’s sixth vehicle manufacturer, but this is no longer the case. A report from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) informs that in 2020, Mexico fell to seventh place in light vehicle production. During 2020, light-vehicle production fell by nearly 16 percent globally, with 2020’s results wiping off all the growth made over the last ten years. However, the USMCA may offer opportunities for the country to negotiate with its neighbors to gain production advantages in the future, particularly as the Regional Content Value standards increase.

Leon Invests in Smarter Mobility

The Municipal President of Leon, Héctor López, announced a new Smart Road Mobility System for the city. The program is designed to reduce transfer times for the people of Leon and optimize road circulation for private and public transportation. It will use predictive behavior models to understand where people want to go and also will add many surveillance video cameras to create safer and better response mechanisms for emergencies in the city. 

Transforming Adversity into Opportunity: Hyundai

Claudia Márquez, President and CEO of Hyundai Motors Mexico, shared the strategies implemented by the South Korean company in the country to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The main focus was finding ways to take care of the well-being of employees, distributors, clients and communities. She also mentioned trends that the automotive industry can expect in the future, with younger generations being less interested in purchasing their own vehicle and how also electric and hybrid vehicles have become a bigger priority for many.

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